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Way to go everyone, good job, reflecting on past popular sayings. I think we lost Lindsay, these are too far back in time. Just bear with us a few more past sayings, Lindsay,

I'll be a monkeys u____________; and This is a fine kettle of f___________.

On the lighter side: Did you hear why the employee got fired from the calendars factory? Well of course it was because she took a day off. Oh please forgive me it isssss Saturday.


Psalm 3:3,4 "But you, O Lord, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high. I cried out to the Lord, and He answered me from His holy mountain."

Yesterday we looked at the verse of this song, while today we are meditating on the chorus. Then Monday we will go back to the next verse, before we go back to reflect of the chorus.

Remember, yesterday we read the words of those nay sayers who surrounded David, saying, "God will never rescue him! ... ? And yet today David remembers the many times when God protected him, and even lifted up his head.

I remember one such time when my puppy got hit by a car, I thought for sure he would die, I was holding him in my arms, by the curb, crying and saddened to think that we would be separated by his leaving me. I was busy taking care of him, comforting him, wiping off his injuries, crying for his pain. He was bleeding out his nose, gasping for each breath, whining and writhing in pain.

I now know that my mom had called my dad who was at work. Then he quickly left work, came home and comforted me. I will never forget him lifting up my chin and reminding me that we can go to God, and pray for God's healing through all of our hurts. Dad stoped held us all in his arms and Tippy and then called out to God for His wisdom and healing.

Then dad said lets take Tippy to the vet, so my brother and I rode to the vet to see if our puppy could be cared for in some way. My little Tippy began to breath easier, and then stopped whining, and began to rest easy in my arms.

Once we were at the doctors, the nurse began to prepare Tippy for the vet to examine him. He took a few minutes to examine him, stethescope, etc. then he massaged him and found that he had dislocated his hip, so he messaged and then put it back in place. He then prescribed a pill to dissolve in his water bowl, and prescribed lots of love and care from us boys.

I was amazed that once we arrived home, mom even let Tippy sleep with us for the rest of the week in our bed. (What royal tretment) Now to you that may have seemed like no big deal, but for mom that was next to a miracle. Ha! Now she did warn us rather sternly, that this was just for a few days. Tippy ate up all of these special privileges. For usually he slept under the porch in a bed that we boys had made up for him. And get this, mom even cooked up special warm food for Tippy. In the cold winter time we would put a hot pad under his bed that we had bought from our neighbors mowing jobs then we would tuck him in, plug in the heating pad, and wish him a good night's sleep.

Notice the extent of our Father's care for us, he places his shield around us - that means He rendered Himself outside of His shields protection in order to give us His protection. Then He lifts our head up and reminds us of His love for us. Can't you just hear his voice of comfort and love through this verse?

Here we are, defeated, discouraged, overwhelmed in the mistakes, and our failures, and struggles of our day, and He takes time away from all of the others in His care to hear of our pain, and loss, much being due primarily to our own failures, and yes, even our disobedience.

Oh the enemy would like us to feel alone, defeated, uncared for, left out, while here our Father lifts our head, holds His hands around our shoulder and speaks of His love for us, His protection, His future blessings for just us, in the future.

SO GO WITH GOD for He has many times held us in His arms, protecting us from our own failures, and then He has promised to be with us, to hear of our problems, and to meet our needs, and then to uphold us. As David says, "I cried out to the Lord, and He answered me." Oh my friend remember, there is no pain that He will ignore in your life. He will respond with loving, caring protection, if we will but call out to Him.


My 2 sisters are right. Uncle, fish.



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