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Did you know? 15th President James Buchanan bought slaves with his own money and then immediately filed papers to declare them free. He first found slaves who had skills in which they could provide for themselves. Then he assisted them in the process of beginning the life of freedom, with finding regular jobs, proper housing, a way to begin learning to read if it was needed, etc.

Saturday 12/10

Prov. 26:5 “Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation.”

This second part of the discussion in; “How to handle the foolish thinking of others.“ Solomon guides us to not just write off the foolish thinking of those around us, but rather to address their thinking and it’s fallacy. In other words, to strive to correct there thinking.

Job gives us a practical guide to this, when his wife counseled him to curse God and die due to the losses he faced. He addressed her by saying, “You’re speaking like a foolish woman. Remember, we have been blessed over the years. Therefore, we must also now embrace this difficulty.” Job 2:10

Notice his wife remained corrected, with no angry response. We should remember that words filled with wisdom are powerful. Especially when they are enveloped in prayer & words of blessing to those we are striving to encourage and give guidance to. If we fail to graciously reprove or rebuke foolish thinking, then the person will think that his reasoning is, in fact truth.

Now just walk this trail with me for a minute. Most of the thinking of our world is undergirded by those who have evil intent. Example: History repeats itself. Actually it isn’t history that is repetitive it is men who repeat the evil thinking of their father, Satan. If we fail to alter that thinking, even those who are believers begin to be influenced by that reasoning.

The Bible is filled with people who were surrounded by those guided by wickedness. However, because of Gods intervention, some heard His words and were lifted to new ways of living. Young kings who turned from their fathers ways, and renewed Israel’s allegiance to God and His instructions. Many times that new instruction was handed out by priests who were obedient to God in speaking in opposition to their father.

So Go With God and He will guide you to truth, and wise reasoning, resulting in blessings & success. Look at Abraham, the father of all nations. His life was a testament to hearing correction & instruction that led to the very beginning of a favored nation. Israel. Or President Buchanan who personally began the freedom march even before it was even spoken of.

So don’t think that your voice is umimportant, or valueless for with our fathers favor He will cause our voice to have influence in this walk of destiny.



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