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Well can you guess, Why the little fluffy smart chick disappointed his mother? You got it! Cause he wasn't what he was cracked up to be. She always was saying "What a crack up."

Tuesday 2/28

Prov. 28:18 "A ruler with no understanding (wisdom) will oppress his people, but one who hates corruption will have a long life."

You may be asking just what does having a foolish & corrupt king/leader have to do with the people being oppressed?

Well in order to understand this connection it is important for us to realize that the king was responsible for judging the legal matters of his people as well as governing the international affairs of his country.

Most kings did not put a structure in place to have civil leaders with the authority to govern over personal matters. Much like Moses didn't until his father-in-law counseled him to set up wise men to deal with legal matters of each tribe, then if there were complex issues that impacted the entire tribe the king would set over those major concerns.

The idea of the people being oppressed is that due to one king & thousands of subjects, an evil, selfish person could bring harm to many people many times before the king could set in hearing & meeting out justice. In other words the evil person could bring great harm before he was dealt with. By the way that was why sometimes the penalty was so extreme sometimes.

Prov. 29:4 & Eccl. 10:16-17 both reflect on the failure of a king in setting up local control by areas of his kingdom. Imagine you have a conflict with your neighbor so you had to get on the docket of the federal leader before justice was dealt with. That could take years, so evil remained in power for many years.

The structure of our nation is protected by the various divisions of power. The city council, the HOA, the local police, the county Board of supervisors, then the state law makers, then the state supreme court. We are all accountable on all of these levels in order to bring order & accountability on a closer level.

When every person is accountable to each level of authority it tends to bring swift, just order to the people. Just think if someone ran a red light and caused an accident, resulting in totaling your car. If in order to point out fault & responsibility it required the national secretary of transportation to rule on that, how long could that decision take? Five years probably, so your without transportation until then. Does that make sense? Or does that promise justice? No

A wise king would develop a chain of responsibility to oversee & bring order to his subjects. A foolish

King would find himself ruling in favor of the wealthy, or person willing to bribe him. What chaos would that bring?

However the king who established a order of oversight that would result in speedy trials, just & fair decisions, which would limit the level of corruption put upon his people. Or as the saying goes "right not might" would bring order & justice for all.

So when the leader sets up a system that assures fairness, swiftnness, completeness, in the community then freedom & justce come to all the people he leads.

As Americans when integrity is given it's proper place the promises for liberty & justice for all rings true. However, all it takes is the lack of integrity to bring oppression to everyone or one corrupt leader to foul up everything.

Notice the ultimate promise from God, He is that final authority and the

giver & taker of life. He assures us that if we honor His integrity He will make sure that we will have a long life. By the way the term long life isn't limited to this earthly life alone, it is also referring to the richness of eternity for all peoples. For the believer this also refers to our eternal home in heaven, while for the unbeliever it refers to his eternal destiny.

So Go With God and He will make sure that our freedom & justice will be forever cared for. There are many folks who are filled with corruption but we are promised they will face God's complete & final justice ultimately. So rest in His infinite promises each day for eternity will result in an evening of the scores. We must all keep our eyes on the eternal view not the earthly view. It is too that extent that we will bring sweetness to life for all peoples. That causes us to realize as to the selection of leaders we must put a priority on integrity above any other life qualities in our selection. And we personally must put that same quality in high priority for our own life, for it greatly impacts the ones we love. So my loved ones, Go with Gods ways then He will guide your steps & will bring freedom & justice to those you love.

PS. Sorry this post was chopped up my iPad wasn't taking a charge so had to write this on my iPhone, which is limited by the size of my screen.

Jo Ann Steward


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