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Good morning my dear one, by the way, True or False, does Neil Armstrong have a moon on the Hollywood walk of fame? Make your guess.

Saturday 1/7

Prov. 27:1 "Don't brag about tomorrow, since you don't know the day will bring."

Today this verse is warning us to be careful in what our speciations are, we are to be aware that today or even tomorrow is in the Lord's hands. Luke warned us of this very same thing in Luke 12:19-21 and James did also in James 4:13-17.

This chapter for the 26 out of 27 verses deal with relationships with people, but this verse begins by remaining us that day is in our Father's hands; so due to that, be sure to build healthy relationships in all of those around you. So, with life's uncertainty before us, make each day, each relationship, count in the eternal role of each day.

Sometimes days that seem to promise great significance end in great disappointment, or challenge. While a day that appears to be depressing and difficult end in great blessings. Thankfully He knows the outcome of all things. So His promise, "All things work together for good to those who are called". As His called ones we can rest in His will for us everyday.

So this verse has its positive side, He is in control, as well as, it's negative, don't think that you are in control of your future.

I remember a time when I was spoken evil of by the leaders of the camp Nancy (my older sister) and I were working at. They were paying us each $20 a week, and they intimated to my pastor that I was spending money foolishly (unnecessary driving).

When in fact I was picking up some supplies that were being donated to the camp that was worth several thousand dollars. (Pool, and plumbing supplies, tools and equipment) Rather than taking a look at the donations received, they assumed that I was wasting miles of travel, worse yet, passing on these assumptions to those who were my spiritual leaders in Joplin.

My sister wisely reminded me that we were serving the Lord not these men,

or even their cause. Our rewards were "Well done thou good and faithful servant". This reminder has been impressed on me many times since that day.

So Go With God for He holds the future. It's as Elvis's song that He made famous says, "He's Got The Whole World In His Hand".



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