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Happy Thursday to you. Well my dear saint have you ever wondered where the San Francisco 49ers got their name? Well in sparse case you have this football team got its name from the 1849 gold rush. In 1849 the state of California experienced more than 300,000 people making their way to find gold & as the saying goes, “strike it rich”. These miners became known as “forty-niners“ thus the name for the team.

Moving on, todays meditation is found in Prov. 19:8 “He who gets (acquires, seeks) wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps (cherishes) understanding will find good.” (will prosper)

This verse is emphasizing two things important to strive for in our lives:

1) Seek, strive, work hard to

gain wisdom (God’s


2) Hold onto, attempt to

put its principles into

our lives (into our inner


In other words, explore the Bible for nuggets of truth, wisdom, The Fathers thinking. Hold onto, place great value in, cherish these thoughts of God. The result will be eternal riches for our soul.

There are many people who are looking for contentment, meaning, and purpose. Most of them have given up, for they failed to look or find them in God and His Word.

The tents strewn throughout our country are signs of the many empty lives, of those who have given up in that search. Actually they have come to one important truth, this world isn’t the place to look for meaning. Now, if only they will look to God for the good they seek, then they will come to real contentment.

They have been looking all around to the things of this life. The amazing truth is, that as our meditation says, these are only found in His (our Father’s) thoughts of the true values in life.

To the extent that we explore, learn from, and follow after, His ways, that will be the level that we achieve contentment, peace, and purpose.

So Go With God and He will fill our lives with good and then we can pass that good onto the world around us.



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