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Way to go everyone, you all made a good guess as to which dish was invented by a Panda Express chef. It was Orange chicken.

Here's another one that stumped me. What does M & M stand for in the popular candy today? Melt & Mouth, Molly & Mandy, Mars & Murrie, or does it stand for, More & More. Make you guess.


Ecclesiastes 12:4b "Now (remember when) you rise at the first chirping of the birds, but then all their sounds will grow faint."

In this part of the verse the writer reminds us of the ability to hear, and to enjoy the music of God's creation, birds, insects, etc. as well as, the joy of hearing music created by mankind. Also, the ability to sing, hear, or even speak clearly and concisely can be lost.

Remember it isn't the loss of any of these things that is the focus here, but the value of considering the very presence, fellowship, and guidance of our Father in our life that was being emphasized here.

We must never lose sight of the tremendous value of hearing the Spirit's voice in our hearts and minds. For His working in us will always have great value in our lives. He warns, encourages, and builds up in our lives all of the things that have import.

When everything else in our life is forgotten and unheard, His still small voice speaks with great clarity in our inner being.

SO GO WITH GOD for He will always stand near us, comfort us, give clarity to the various events in life. When nothing else in life can be heard, He speaks words of comfort and guidance to our very being. Rest in Him my dear one.

brenda x


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