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Good morning my dear saints. Hey, Do you know what they call pastors in Germany? That’s exactly right, German Shepherds. Yea

Todays meditation is found in Prov. 19:10 “Luxury is not fitting for a fool, Much less for a servant to rule over princes.”

This passage is pointing out two things:

1) a foolish person is unsuited

for the oversight of priceless


2) a simple person is unfit to

rule over the wise person

Let’s take a minute to break this down. We have each been given the priceless gift of eternal life. Now we can recognize its value and care for it and urgently share it with others, or we can take it for granted and hide it in the closet.

A foolish person will neglect this

precious gift, ignore it, and fail to share it with intended others. Does the priceless gift lose its value or gain in value due to its treatment? No, it remains of great value, but, because of its treatment it’s influence is affected.

So Go With God and handle with wise regard His priceless gift of salvation & eternal life, and never stop valuing His gift nor stop passing it on to others you have been entrusted to know.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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