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So, Paul Elliott was right about the spider web being stronger than hair or steel. Way to go Paul, congrats. Now, Does anyone know what cows say in the Christmas season? Well of course the say, Happy Moo Year! Ho Ho Ho!

Saturday 12/24. Christmas Eve

Prov. 26:17 “He who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own, Is like one who takes dogs by the ears.”

These proverbs in verses 17-22 are warning against careless, unproductive speech.

This first verse is a warning against injecting ourselves into someone else's conflict, and the potentially useless, harmful outcome. Its important to remember that in this time in Palestine, the dog wasn‘t domesticated. So to grab a dog by the ear was as dangerous as grabbing a wild wolf by the ear. You would surely be bitten, rather than be seen as a person assisting in a conflict.

The dilemma that grabbing a wild dogs ear is, Which response will bring the best outcome. Letting go or holding on, probably neither, the lesson is. Don‘t get into the conflict. This discussion is focused on the outside party, Don’t get involved. The result is, by intervening in this conflict you are rather than introducing reason, you are potentially bringing more hostility into the picture.

The outcome is the feelings of invading in others privacy, rather than neutralizing the hostility. Rather than bringing comfort, solace, and reason, into the discussion the tendency will be seen as taking sides in an already heated discussion.

In other words, What is your greatest contribution? Silence and prayer. For though you may be entering into the discussion out of care & concern, it will not probably be seen in that light.

As the song made famous and written by Burt Bacharach says, Walk on by, and then many times the song he wrote, that became a medley with his first song, I say a little prayer for you. And really, isn’t this the solution that Solomon is giving to this difficult situation??? The best solution is walk on by, and say a little prayer.

So Go With God for many times His first solution is also His best solution for everyone, the two in conflict and the one who cares for both of the others In conflict. Many times the best outcome is to later discuss with both parties, just what was the outcome and was it resolved properly. Handling it this way has the best possible outcome, brings salve to a hurting situation. Can you think of a situation much like this one. How bout David & Saul, while Johnathon stood by helplessly, loving them both. think for minute just how he handled this in 1 Sam. 20.

brenda x


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