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Saturday 10/8

Bet you can't guess, What says: oom oom oom? Well just in case you didn't know; Its a cow walking backwards. I know that's udderly ridiculous. OhOh

Prov. 23:10,11 "Don't cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers; don't take the land of defenseless orphans. For their Redeemer is strong; He himself will bring their charges against you.

This warning is telling us that both of these offenses are equally evil.

1) Illegally Extending the land you

can farm, taking ownership of

others land

2) farming land of defenseless

orphans & widows

The warning is that these are both evil acts, but also that you may get away with taking advantage of the defenseless, but God Himself will take up their case. At some point justice will be brought to you.

This concept dealt with here is found in Deut. 10:18 it is that the orphan, widow and even the foreigner are cared for by our Heavenly Father. The inference here is that if He cares for them then we should look after them to.

The general instruction here is that we shouldn't look at the calamity that comes to others as the opportunity to bring benefit to ourselves.

So Go With God for He is always in our court. Regardless of what our resources are, He is always looking out for us. In other words; though our world places value on those who are privileged our Father places greater concern for those who are in need of assistance. So draw to Him & He will have your cause.

Lindsay Winterton


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