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Good Morning from Pastor Ben!

Which item is illegal to keep on your front porch In Boulder, Colorado? If you guessed laundry, you were right! Of course, I don't believe that the police any longer enforce this antiquated law, but its still on the books!

Hey, do you know where Piglet stores all her money? Well, believe it or not, in the piggy bank. Snort, snort!

Saturday 9/23

Eccl. 5:7 "Talk is cheap, like daydreams and other useless activities. Fear God instead."

This verse is reminding us of the foolishness of man's promises, or abilities to bring peace & blessing to our lives. The world makes all kinds of promises but they are all short-lived. Whether it be wealth, power, fame, or fortune, they all are limited by the one who promises them. 

Even the dreams we may have in our mind are not very long-lived. They are gone as quickly as they come into our mind. 

However, Fearing God is worthy of our trust, for it doesn't mean being terrified by Him, but instead, to take the proper human response to His greatness & holiness.

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