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Well of course you ladies were right as usual, the best US selling toy was Barbie. Way to go you all.

Since you are so intelligent, Here is another one for you. Who helps the little pumkins to cross the road to school? What is your answer? Check in tomorrow for the correct answer.

Friday 6/30

Ecclesiastes 1:1,2 "These are the words of the Teacher, King David's son, who ruled in Jerusalem. Everything is meaningless (vanity), says the Teacher, completely meaningless"

The End!!! No just kidding. Just as a background. This was a written in the late years of Solomon's life, which were as you may say a journal. As we journey into his words, we need to realize that the king though he had all wisdom, given to him from God, he fell into some steps of carnality.

Imagine this! Solomon's life witnessed to his great wisdom, yet he sometimes ended up walking in the path of fools. Throughout my Bible study I have noticed this one point. Where a person is the strongest is many times the place that becomes their greatest weakness. In case you need evidence for this from the Bible. Here goes...

Noah walked uprightly & found grace in God's eyes, saved the human race --- He fell by getting drunk alone in his tent

Abraham the father of faith --- had relations with Hagar & and that brought problems on Israel to this day

Moses who was known as a meek man --- struck the rock rather than speak to it --- was barred from entering the Promise Land

Peter the bold daring disciple --- denied Christ 3 times

Now, just why do you think that this is true? In my humble opinion, in the areas of our greatest strength, we tend to trust in our own abilities, as a result this is where we end up being our weakest.

So, in Solomon's case he is saying that everything lacks substance, or is like a soap bubble, lacks reality, is empty.

Listen to E. C. Stedman summation of Solomons actions:

"I know nothing grander in its impassioned survey of mortal pain and pleasure, its estimate of failure and success, none more noble sadness; no poem working more indomitably for spiritual illumination."

In other words, merely leaning on human reason, will bring total & utter disappointment.

By the way Ecclesiastes is in the Greek means "assembly" in Hebrew "one who assembles".

Solomon's primary aim for this book was to lay out this truth for all time. I have found from my life experience that all earthly goals & blessings, that if I pursued them from outside of my spiritual aim to reverence & obey my Lord ended up empty & without fulfillment.

His desire is to emphasize to those who would listen, was that rather than be enthralled by his accomplishments, to lean on the spiritual outcome rather than the earthly. If we are looking at his great achievements of which today very few remain. Just think Solomon's castle & temple, were the grandest architecture of its day is just rubble today, his sons & grandsons leadership, which lasted the longest of any dynasty, yet for the most part are unseen today. There were many other things he accomplished in his reign as king, but most are yet unseen today.

This word vanity or meaningless we will find to be spoken of more than 37 times, with the intent to steer us away from us making just goals, or accomplishments our final aim. Solomon spent a great amount of time & thought contemplating this in order determine just how to best guide us to focus on those things that really matter. The relationship that we have with our Heavenly Father, over any human effort.

So Go With God for as we go about the many duties that we are directed to do in life, never lose sight of your fellowship with Him. For regardless of the outcome of those works, as we draw upon our times with God, they will all bring eternal fullfilment, regardless of their seeming physical achievements. To sum it all up, Our greatest reward is Our Savior's words, "Well done my faithful servant".

brenda x
Jun 30, 2023

Yup, good as a guess as any. Peter pumkin eater.



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