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Well Happy Thursday my dear friends. Can you believe were already this far into the week? Well there were a number of different guesses as to who achieved the reward of being considered the "King of Comedy" in the 50's? Overall the poll rewarded Jerry Lewis with that distinct priviledge to claim that title.

By the way what is your guess that Brenda posed as to which woman could claim that title for "Queen of the Comedy" in the 50's. What is your guess? I guess Carol Burnett and her team of comedians, how bout you?


Ecclesiastes 9:7 "So go ahead. Eat your food with joy, and drink your wine with a happy heart, for God approves of this!"

Aren't you glad that we know that our Father joys in our times of rejoicing, celebration, and praise for His blessing in our lives? There are many religious sects who are driven to only take solace in somber times, sorrow, and even fail to laugh, rejoice, joy in the goodness that we have as the children of our Heavenly Father.

While Bread, wine, oil we considered blessings poured out from our Gracious Father. God often used these items to pass on as His gifts, Here are just a few of those mentions in the Bible. Deut. 7:13; Psa. 104:14,15; Jer. 31:12; Joel 2:19 and many, many more places in the Bible.

Joy is the most powerful a gift that comes from our God, Throughout Christ's life we notice these sorts of celebrations with those who came into His life. While the devout, Orthodox jews were offended by His being drawn together with Jew and Gentile alike in celebration. Just as today the gathering of saints in the many joys of our day. Baby showers, wedding announcements, continuing birthday parties, with cake, candles, etc., etc.

You can probably recount other special celebrations that Jesus participated in while on this earth, for they were many.

One special event that we celebrated in was when all the college kids would come home. We would move two beds together with Mom and Dad in the center and recount that years special events both at home and at school. We would laugh, and cry, over the many joys that we had been blessed to share in. Ministry opportunities, salvation miracles, difficult challenges, etc. I can remember our sad moments of remembering loved ones who had gone to glory that year, the many joys they brought to us throughout their lives.

We would recount the many instances that we celebrated over that year. I can just imagine those very things will be part of the joys of heaven that we can recount together. You see having the ability to enjoy life, reflect in God's goodness in our lives. These gifts and more are handed down to us year after year. The Jewish culture was filled with feasts, celebrations, reflections of their richness in life these were the very reflection of our joyful Father.

If God could throw a party for his prodical sons return, after he had thrown away his inheritance, and then stomped on his fathers good reputation. This of all places for celebration brings to us a reminder of His joy in the very wonders of God for even our mistakes. How blessed we are. He was returned to that very place of blessing and rejoicing.

SO GO WITH GOD for He joys in us joying in His presence. The Orthodox, Sadducee's, held high their solemn respect and honor, as a mark of spirituality, but Jesus joys in our celebrations, rejoicing in all of His many gifts that He showers on us. As the song states "Take joy my kin" in all that you have to celebrate in.

Oh how rich we are!!!

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Dec 15, 2023

Lucille Ball, hands down!



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