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WELL you all were right, It was Bob Barker that hosted the show Price is Right until 2007. Way to go you all.

By the way; What do you call a spring bee that can't make up its mind? Well of course a May-bee. All I can say is; That one really stings. Ho ha

Thursday 8/31

Eccl. 3:18,19 "I also thought about the human condition--how God proves to people that they are like animals. For people and animals share the same fate--both breathe and both must die. So people have no real advantage over the animals. How meaningless!"

This verse is speaking to the issue that though we are like animals in many ways we are actually very different.

It is true that animals & people both live and die

However, our existence is very different, the animal though many are loving, they live only by their instinct. Human beings on the other hand have the innate ability to reason, create, and bring positive influence through their lifetime of investments, etc. Whether these investments are financial, emotional, or beneficial efforts, regardless of the track they can impact themselves & others in positive ways.

However, should we chose to only follow our animal instincts, we will fall short of God's ideals for us. The human who lives with the intention of refusing to fellowship with God & walk with Him in His ways throughout his life, then he is living in the same meaningless way as an animal. But if we stay focused on a life that is centered on God, and our path is lived in harmony with that focus, then our lives have the ability to reach far deeper than any animal.

When I was a boy and later a young man I was reminded of the uniqueness of humans & animals when they live in harmony. With care & compassion for each other. When I was a young boy my responsibility was to ride the aged fence line of my grandfathers 300 acre farm. Then if the fence was broken to repair it the best I could & report back to my Uncle Leonard any repair that I couldn't repair & if any cows got out and letting him know about the breach. I rode Flicka the gentle. loving horse who helped me carry the supplies & some times even help me find my way back to the ranchhouse.

Later in my adult years I volunteered to be weekend help at the Word of Life ranger camp, where local troubled middle school teens would come to wash down, dry off, detangle the horses tail & mane, etc. Of the 30-40 horses on the site there were always a few rough & tumble horses who took additional care to guide them from biting, kicking, or in some other way to stand out. This duty was a good way to talk to these teens about choices they make in life & the hardships that they may be bringing on themselves.

The elderly wrangler who guided our efforts, reminded me of the value that God places on caring for His creation these horses. Some of the most stubborn horses when given guidance, care & yes love could become the most loving, and even helpful aides on the ranch.

In the same way, when we draw near to God, spend time listening (reading), talking (praying), and learning (walking in His ways) then those hard times become times of sweet fellowship.

So Go With God for He will then be able to demonstrate the level of love that He has for you. However, when we are bucking & resisting His plans for us then we must experience his hand of discipline, or difficulty in our life.

When the horses would be harmonious with the trainer, they would find many places where the greatest reward was given. (praise, stroking, or sometimes treat (an apple, etc.). The biggest reward was a spot in the weekly parade. You could see the joy that the horses who were given a spot in the parade to perform. The coral next to the parade area was always filled with those horses staring on in the frustration of being unable to participate in the performance because they had rebelled.

So, look to Him for ways to (live out) demonstrate your value for others who you find around you. There are always people around you who need your even caring hand in their life.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton


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