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Well welcome to a brand new fresh day. Well, here is a little fact you may not know the answer to. What does the word "coleslaw" mean? Cabbage salad; Cold side; Thrown together; or Solid soup?

Way to go, you all knew who baptized Jesus.

Here's another Bible question. Which Gospel was written by a doctor? Matthew; Mark; Luke; or John? Hint: Read Col. 4:14 for the clue. We'll learn more tomorrow.

How about this joke? Why did the mosquito go to the dentist? Yep you guessed it... To improve her bite.

Wednesday 9/13

Eccl. 4:13 "It is better to be a poor but wise youth than an old foolish king who refuses all advice."

Here Solomon poses a word of counsel for young & old alike in achieving rulership, or power. The most important quality for anyone with any level of influence is, seek advice from others. Stay open to others who have varying opinions & experiences.

Though a lifetime of experience may usually render wisdom, it is always wise to listen to advice from others. If for no other reason, it renders insights for young upcoming leaders to discuss & gain varying insights.

Especially when the mature leader uses the Biblical principles for instructive benefit to others ie. young inexperienced leaders. When considering input an important quality is to place value & benefit on letting others advice to be heard.

In other words, the greatest loss is found in blind refusal of any advice, even if it is determined to be ultimatly ill advised in the end. The process of discussion and considerations is always a beneficial process, if there is no other benefit acheived in this process, by the discussion & conclusions of others with developing skills.

So Go With God for many times our experience with struggles are allowed by God. Just think of others in the Biblical history, how their losses brought benefit to us in the present. Abraham, Lot, David, Solomon, etc. etc. etc. These & more leaders in the historical, and Biblical record leave for us insights that only their experiences could bring benefit to our lives.

I have heard some people criticize God and even refuse to recognize the extent of His love for us. Through this demonstration of his willing sacrificial atonement for our willful rebellion, He could only acciomplish us comprehending the extent of His love, by bringing Abraham to the dilemma of determining whether he would give his only son as a sacrifice.

However, it brings to our attention of just what is the greatest sacrifice that a father could be called upon to offer.

Then in turn it requires us to be made aware of some vital truths; we are made aware of just how much our Father loves us (He willingly made the ultimate sacrifice of His son for us); and secondly, the absolute cost & necessity of His cleansing work for our sin, and thirdly, the depth of our rebellious disobedience and the extent of His loving hand by His willing sacrifice to bring to us cleansing of that sin. Finally, the evil, corrupt nature of Satan on us, his subjects, (because of our rebellion) and the loving, caring gifts that our Father God has willingly, sacrificially laid out for us.

Look at the words of the song, "Oh how He loves you & me." Just think, Satan takes the ultimate demonstration of the extent of God's love for us, and then uses that to further control our lives away from that most priceless gift, cleansing & forgiveness of our sins that has for eternity freed us from sin & suffering.

Have you ever faced a time when your children misunderstood, or devalued your sacrifices for them? Just how did that feel? Imagine God could have infused this into our being, but then we would not be His image bearers in our world. We would not be made free to from our own choice to receive His love & sacrifice. "Oh how He loves you & me."

Thank you, Heavenly Father for your unselfish gift there should be no limit to our praise for this atoning sacrifice for us.

brenda x
brenda x
brenda x
Sep 13, 2023

Cold side I will guess but cabbage salad sounds right too



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