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Well if you guessed that Alaska was the only state with more than one time zone, you were right. Alaska has Pacific Time Zone & Yukon Time Zone. How about that.

Tuesday 12/27

Prov. 26:19 “(Foolish) Is someone who lies to a friend and then says, “I was only joking.”

The person who attempts to deceive his friend, and then when faced with the reality that his words were untruthful, tries to wiggle out of his lie by acting like his words were only meant to be a joke.

Do you remember when there was a phase when people would cross their fingers behind their back and tell a lie. Their defense was that they had crossed their fingers when speaking.

These present warnings of some of the ways in which hurtful words damage others:

Vs. 17 compared it to the ruthless yanking a dogs ears (torture of innocents)

Vs. 18 compared it to carelessly shooting arrows into the air (harmful words)

Vs. 19 compares to intentionally telling lies then acting like it was meant to be a joke

This warning is for those who attemp to pass off deceit as a joke, this fraudulent act is so evil that it has at least 85 other synonyms in our english vocabulary. No wonder the wise person considers this sort of wrongful use of words so evil.

It’s like accusing someone of committing murder & then laughing as if it were meant to be a joke.

This sort of fraud has become so common in todays world that we almost expect it. In political speech today it is called “word smithing” which is the use of words to intimate something that is false in being true.

It has become so common today that we have the Neilson Rating organization that seeks to aid people to sort out truth from lies. The media uses rotten tomatoes or pinocchio‘s ratings to analyze the level of truth in someone’s words.

What amazes me is when people attempt to fool others by joking about important facts. Imagine if your doctor were to give you advice based on some comedians suggestion. That certainly wouldn’t be assuring would it? In this uncertain world we need to give a great amount of attention to our words and their meaning.

So Go With God for His words in scripture can always be trusted. They will always be held in high regard.

Lindsay Winterton


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