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Well it’s Saturday, the day that most working folk look forward too. Hey, speaking of work. I

have a question for you, are you ready?

Are honey bees the only insects that make honey? Well guess what the right answer is… NO! The honeypot ant and the Mexican honey wasp also make honey. True the honey bee is easiest to harvest though. Can you imagine each honey bee visits on average 4,000 flowers per day & flap their wings in flight 230 times per second. Wow isn’t that amazing.

Our meditation for today comes from Prov. 19:23 “The fear of the Lord leads to life, And he who has it will abide in satisfaction, He will not be visited with evil.”

After a thorough study we learn that this phrase “fear of the Lord” is concluded with three thoughts:

1) a reverential awe

2) an admiring obedience

3) a submissive amazement

We also come to the realization that this is foundational to spiritual knowledge & wisdom. As well as, only the believer knows the full intent of this because a redemptive relationship is a necessity. You may ask why? They alone can comprehend the greatest extent of God’s love for us, sacrificing His Son for our redemption (freedom from sin).

You see the needed progression:

Teach about God

Learn about God

Fearing God

Knowing God

As a result of becoming a child of God we begin to come to an understanding of just how this joyous position we have with our Heavenly Father affects everything in our life. The more we come to understand this, the fuller is our contentment, and satisfaction &


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