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My dear family please continue to pray for Chris & Vicky for wisdom, comfort, and healing. Yesterday we looked at Proverbs 1-9 and found that there are 7 features that qualify us for wise children of God. If you remember we agreed that it would be wise to pick one of those features to seek after and begin to develop in our lives. If you are able please pick one of these and search out Proverbs for this first feature and then study how Solomon tells us to develop this in our life. If possible please respond back to me which feature you chose to develop in your life. Then begin to look through the book and see how this is to be developed in our lives. If you desire help in this please feel free to let us know so we can chat on this. I chose the feature Responsible and learned this. It is spoken about 57 times in the book 39 of which in relationship to the way we are to care for the temple. Now we remember that today’s temple is you and me 1 Cor. 3:16 says “Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the spirit of God lives in you? In other words we should care for our conduct consistent to how the temple was cared for. Gen. 21:25 tells us we are responsible for how conduct ourselves before those who don’t know Christ and His salvation. Gen 21:26 Abimelech a foreign king near where Abraham had settled and he had noticed how God had been with them. Vs22 says this “God is obviously with you, helping you in everything you do. ... Swear to me in God’s name ... you will not deceive us... and you will be loyal to us.“ So it is a quality of wisdom that we treat strangers with loyalty and fairness not deceit. That is the personal trait that we must establish to treat everyone in our lives with fairness. Tomorrow we will look further into the feature of wisdom.

As you decide a feature of wisdom you want to learn about let us know. Go with God my saint and continue on in this journey of being truth & wisdom in a world of lies and deceit. That is how His light is broadcasted to our world. Love you my saints.


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