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Here's another question for you to ponder. Which classic Christmas character was created bt Dr. Seuss? Was it the Snow Miser; The Grinch; Yukon Cornelius; or was it Rudolph? Just a hint for those who know my grandughter Janie Winterton she is deathly afraid of this character.


Psalm 1:1 "Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice (counsel) of the wicked, or stand around (in the paths) with sinners, or join (sit) in with mockers."

The Psalms are a gathering of songs for Israel to sing in the temple to provide historical instruction for them as a nation. They are songs of rememberance (Pss. 120-134) Songs of the family of Koran who were the chief musicians (Pss. 42-49; 84-85; 87-88) others were the Psalms of David (assorted throughout this book), some were written by Moses (Pss. 90), while others were written during the Babylonian exile (Pss. 137). With this background in mind let's head to this first verse.

This first verse begins with a Hebrew word (ashre) which is best described as happy or privileged. We also see this word used in Job 5:17 "But consider the joy (Ashre) of those corrected by God!" also in Proverbs 3:13 "Joyful is the person who finds wisdom" and also used in Proverbs 28:14 "Blessed are those who fear to do wrong". It's Greek equivalent is (makarios) it is found in Jesus' beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11 "God blesses those who are ... poor; sorrowful; humble; hungry for wisdom; show mercy; pur of heart; workers for peace; persecuted for doing good; are mocked for following Christ.

The second thought is addressing three functions that we should reject --

doesn't desire advice (follow) those living in rebellion of God

doesn't stand around (congregate) with those who are prone to live in disobedience to God

doesn't join in with the message that reviles God's ways

This verse is focused on guiding us to follow those places where joy, happiness, and contentment will be found and away from ways that will bring conflict, sorrow, and loss. You see the Lord's intent is to always ultimately bring joy to our lives, and because He knows the ultimate end of walking in all the things surrounding us He seeks to direct us to those ways that will result in ways that will result in joy.

Our present day world system strives to guide its attendees to live lives of permissiveness, while rejecting those who refuse to follow in the ways of purity and joy. They chide them as being "puritanical" holier than thou, but the Psalmist is attempting to set the recor straight.

The Psalmist is attempting to guide away from taking the position of even tacit approval of those evil ways. He is striving to guide us to ways that bring lasting pleasure, as well as, being real loving, caring friends of those who are being swayed by the worldly system around them, while promising fun.

These next verses are presenting the contrasting ways of righteousness, and the blessings. More tomorrow.

This is particularly important for the young to be aware of from these teachings. In my teen years these lessons were illustrated to me, as a young junior in high school. My locker was placed in the basement which unbeknownst to me became my counseling center.

Once I became outspoken in my allegiance to God these very people who I had respected and wished to be like, began to meet me there by my locker pouring out their hearts of their emptiness, and sorrow. They were asking for help from little ole' me, my eyes began to be enlightened to the truths of this verse. How that as I walked near and closely to Him I unknowingly became filled with His joy, and amazingly these kids who I had tried to be like, wanted to know the source of my treasure. Of course it was Christ. He alone can fill your life with these joys, peacefulness, and meaning.

SO GO WITH GOD mu dear ones for His ways bring a rich fulfillment in our lives.

If you have time go to you tube and listen to this old fashioned song

The Brooklyn Allstars ~ He'll bring peace to you

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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