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What would Saturday be without a brain teaser, Right? So, here goes; WHAT IS THE ADDRESS OF THE WHITE HOUSE? 1600 Washington Ave. NW; 1600 Independence Ave. NW; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; Or 1600 Main Ave. NW? You choose one. I'll let you know the right address Monday.

Saturday 1/21

Prov. 27:11 "Be wise, my child, and make my heart glad. Then I will be able to answer my critics."

By the way, Do you know that this the only verse in Prov. 25-29 that uses the term "my child" or "my son"? This gives confirmation that when a child acts according to the wisdom that this book offers it brings joy to the person who has written & the person who has taught it. By the way here are other verses that speak to this issue of following after wisdom. (Prov. 10:1; 15:20; 23:15; 23:24; 29:3)

This verse goes on to say that when our children live consistent to God's wisdom that has been faithfully passed on by our parents, then they (the parents) can answer back to those who have criticized them with confidence.

By the way, one reason that gives credence to the study of the Bible & even its prophecy is that it helps us to foresee the evil/harm of failing to follow in God's ways. It also, affirms the wisdom of hiding ourselves in Him.

Mr. Berkeley, said it this way, "The teacher's one defense--the success of his students."

By the way, not only is this teaching of wisdom to a child spoken of here, but is also much like these encouragements given in Prov. 1-9. Go back and take a look. This thought is also spoken of in

Prov. 10:1 "The proverbs of Solomon: A wise child brings joy to a father; a foolish child brings grief to a mother."

This brings me back to one time when we visited my mothers family in South Bend, Indiana, where I was born. Where I heard my mothers brothers warning her of protecting her children, me, (being too religious) from the evils of our day. Going to church consistently, having family devotions, actively serving in ministry efforts, limiting our TV viewing from PG movies, encouraging us to consider living lives of ministry first, and guarding us from the evils of that day. I still remember sitting in the other room listening to this discussion, and my parents quoting from theses verses their defense of these things.

My six uncles who I loved & and enjoyed visiting once a year, where they took me fishing, to the zoo (that we didn't have in Joplin). My Uncle Chuck even owned an army tank that we rode on with his Little League team in an annual parade. When I was older I got to pump gas at his gas station, and run the hoist in the mechanics pit.

  • As we grew up I witnessed the hardships that my cousins lived through due to my uncles allowing them to "experience the world". In my college years I began witnessing some of them living through alcoholism, divorce, teenage pregnancy, etc. Upon going back home I will never forget my relief of being home, & a safe, sane home life which we enjoyed as children. We had no idea of the blessings that this life of obedience to God's word, offered to us growing up.

So Go With God for His ways guard our hearts & minds and bring to us a rich storehouse of blessings.

Jo Ann Steward


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