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Happy Friday to you my dear family. I have a brain teaser for you. Which is larger in size? The moon or Asia? Well the answer is: The moon is 14.6 million square miles in surface area, while Asia is 17.2 million square miles. Maybe that will make you look at the world differently.

Our meditation for today is

found in Prov. 17:22 “A cheerful

heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Yesterday we looked at the deceitful heart and it’s influence on ourselves & others. Today, we focus on a merry, or cheerful heart and the question arises. Just what causes us to have a cheerful heart?

Prov. 12:25 tells us encouraging

words cheer us up

We may ask ourselves where do we find cheerful words? The greatest amount of cheerful words are found in the Bible, words of hope, promise, blessing, can you think of more ?

Prov. 15:13 teaches us that

music, cheerful

thoughts ( jokes, etc.) make our

hearts cheered up

So reflecting on these things are a great source of joy. I don’t know about you but children & grandchildren bring joy to me. In past years each year when school opened it was as if life was breathed back into the building with the joy of children present.

In the same way joy, cheer, etc. is brought back to us when we look at life through children's eyes.

When we are reminded that we are our Heavenly Fathers children. He joys in our trust, confidence, rest, and hope that we place in Him. Then we are filled with joy as we are reminded of His joy in us.

So Go With God and His joy and be filled in His love for you. He loves you my dear one more than you can imagine. The evil one wants to cloud your thoughts by difficult daily events, but don’t let him win, just return back to the many ways that our Father has showered our lives with His love. Think for a minute, meditate on some ways He has blessed you .

Over my time of illness He reminded me of all the many, many ways He has demonstrated His love for me throughout my life. When I stopped, listened, reflected then I found my heart overjoyed with just how much He loved me. Through friends, family, parents, grandparents, etc. etc. etc.

Oh my dear one, Count your blessing one by one and your heart will be filled with His love, joy, and peace that He has poured into your life, and then joy will flow out.

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