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Well Happy New Year my dear one. My prayer for you is that this year will be one of your best years. I can promise you that this will be the case if you but begin your day each day by, talking with our Heavenly Father and allow Him to talk with you.

Hey, Do you know what Arithmomania is? Is it a type of Arithmetic; Or a ride at Disney World; or a type of arthritis; Or a compulsion to count? Tune in tomorrow for the right answer. I’ll give you a hint: Take a look at Count von Count on Sesame Street.

Monday 1/2

Prov. 26:24 “People may cover their hatred with pleasant words, but they’re deceiving you.”

Verses 24-27 gives us insight of just how we can know whether a person is internally hateful.

This first verse tells us that regardless of their apparent demeanor they are prone to store up their anger. In fact, regardless of how they treat others, or speak to them, they are uncannily adept at hiding their inner anger. It is that skill that makes their words so powerfully disarming.

You see, when someone is harsh & uncaring, we naturally put up our defenses, however, when they put on the appearance of compassion. When they speak words of criticism we are prone to place value of them. We may see their words as credible, when actually they are striving to undermine our confidence and success.

Jezebel queen of Ahab is the perfect example of this wickedness in 1 Kings 16-2 Kings 9, she coerced the king into Baal worship, raised up more than 400 Baal prophets, attempted to kill 100 of the Lord‘s prophets, set out to kill Elijah Gods servant, all the while she corrupted the Hebrews to accept, and even promote Baal worship. She spoke words of cunning to the people while attempting to kill the Lords prophets.

Now, for a question; Have you ever experienced such a person in your life? Some one who complemented you while at the same time hurting you, demeaning you & even trying to corrupt your life? Satan was guilty of that same conduct towards Eve, right? This is no strange tactic for him to bring into our lives. He is masterful at bringing into our lives those who would turn our thinking into harm.

So Go With God for he will guard our soul & mind from those evil ones in our world. As our enemy tried to turn Adam & Eve to rebellion against God and Ahab from leading the Jewish people to worship the living God. So also he is attempting to guide us away from our daily walk with God.

I remember a time in my life where a man came into my dads life to turn him from working with youth & children (CEF). Dad turned down this opportunity due to his daily uneasiness in this Decision. Later this man proved his attempt to divert mom & dad in their ministry & leading us children from serving in ministry as well. I still don’t know the possible outcome, but I do know the blessings of service to God in my lifetime.



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