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Well, Happy Friday. Now I'm going to dig a few years back in history. What was the first TV show recorded in front of a live audience? The Jeffersons; All in the family; Mash; Or I love Lucy? Well its time to make your guess, see if you are right? I'll tell you tomorrow the correct answer. I'll give you a hint just in case you need some help. It was the first to show a pregnant woman & an interacial couple. Make your guess _______

Friday 1/27

Prov. 27:15 "A quarrelsome wife is as annoying as constant dripping on a rainy day."

Well, I must begin by saying that Becky, my wife has never been what I would consider a quarrelsome wife, nor was my mother, so I can't speak of this topic from experience. However, from my experience in counseling I have witnessed varying times of struggle from this.

This verse is focused on the wife, but from my experiences men can be equally responsible for this type of conduct as well. And the same can be said of the deafening annoyance that it brings to a home.

I can only say that in my marriage, Becky brings color to an otherwise black & white world. She brings to my life joy, fulfillment, and reason, in what could otherwise be an unreasonable world.

However, I have witnessed what this verse is warning against. I must say I have been in counseling sessions where nothing said could have been seen as constructive. The words spoken could have torn down a concrete wall, as well as, the refusal to recognize any beneficial contribution from the other mate. I can remember after one such a session the need for a walking break to just collect my thoughts from an otherwise overwhelmed state.

I can remember attempting to bring some positive conclusion to an hour of anger, rage and harassment. When I asked the question, Well what was it that caused you two to fall in love with your spouse, a deathly uncomfortable silence ruled.

So when we read the verse and the dripping comparison on a rainy day, that actually would have been a welcome trend. I must say most of you reading these comments have not been party to anything this volital, however, this comparison was meant to shed light on those times in which we have been unreasonable. We all have to admit some time when we have been outside of reasoned thinking, Right??

A time when the frustrations of life has gotten the best of us, and then we have allowed ourselves to turn that unreasonableness onto the person most dear to us.

The dictionary defines quarrelsome as -- given to or characterized by quarreling. (Argumentative, confrontational, hostile) We get the Idea, right?

Several verses relating to this warning, speaks of -- for relief the spouse running to the most miserable place in the house for a welcome escape. (Prov. 21:9; 19:13)

In a world where conflict seems to be on every hand, we must drag ourselves to the Fathers welcoming voice. Here He speaks reason, love, compassion into our subconscious & conscious mind, His warm voice of comfort. Can you hear Jesus words? "Peace be still."

So rather than armoring up, for the battle, rather this time, Go With God for he alone can bring comfort & refreshment to your circumstances when your mind is fraught with upheaval.

I can remember many times in my childhood when the weather was so hot and I had worked so hard that I was soaked with perspiration, then I would walk to the spring on the farm. I would lay down in the cool surroundings beside the cool spring water. Resting, in the damp green grass, I would listen to the birds, and squirrels rustling in the fallen leaves, hearing the restful trickle of water flowing from the spring. After a few minutes I would fall into a slumber & dream of my grandmother singing to me in her Indian tongue words I didn't understand but the tunes that brought comfort to me.

Oh, I urge you to go back & let those words that flowed from our wonderful Fathers book flow from their into your heart & then from there, let it flow out into those around you. I promise, He will give you rest from the annoying sounds of a world choked up with the enemies lies.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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