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Well if you guessed that we have 4 wisdom teeth you were right. Congrats to Becky she got it right.

Friday 1/6

Prov. 26:28 "A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, And a flattering mouth works ruin."

This warning speaks of two


The slanderer - the person who hates his victim

The flatterer - he who seeks

To bring ruin to him

James talks about the evil that flows from a tongue that is ruled by hatred and then its comparisons:

A small bit placed in the mouth of the strongest horse can control him

A small ruder can steer a huge ship regardless of its power

A tiny spark can set a whole forest on fire

But most of all how hatred of the heart can take control of your whole body, and lead even to your own destruction.

Due to the connection of this verse to vs. 23-26 the point here becomes very clear. It is the person whose heart is turned to trapping & destroying others will ultimately turn on the schemer, or do what we call boomeranging on the perpetrator.

The whole purpose of a court & jury trial illustrates these principles for everyone to see. Verse 26 "the assembly" refers to this practice of calling a group together to administer justice.

Solomon is warning his sons & us of the destructive nature that hatred can have on any person who allows its evil, powerful forces to have sway in his life. I believe that this was a very forceful concern for him, because he had experienced its force in his (David's) family. Think for a minute and go back in your memory to Absolom & Tamar, what destructive harm they both experienced on them.

So Go With God for He will bring solace into your feelings of hurt which can then empower you to overcome the controlling influence for which our enemy, Satan, seeks to bring into our lives. When these feelings of hatred ride upon us, we must turn to our Father & draw upon His Spirit to break us free from its destructive work. "Taste and see that the Lord is good"


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