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Imagine, We're half way through the work week. If you think of it please pray for 1) my brother Dan as he reaches out to his community tonight with our Fathers gift of peace 2) for a teacher to open their classroom to our Good News Club for this year 3) for Ben, Becky & myself as we travel to Central Cal. for our friends son memorial service.

Do you know, Just how much room does fungi need in order to grow? Well just in case you don't know. As mushroom as possible. Oh oh sorry about that.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 22:5 "Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse; He who guards his soul will be far from them."

This verse reminds us of the importance of guarding the desires of our very soul.

Guarding our soul doesn't mean just reading your Bible, attending church faithfully, gathering together with other believers. It evidently also means guiding our lives away from thorns & snares.

Let's think about that:

Thorns - they are painful, harmful

experiences in life

Many times they are actions that

open us up to hurt. That is many

times the thinking that "Well

that's not down right evil or I can

get away with doing that just


Here where we live in the high

chapperel there is a plant that's

called a tumble weed. It pops up

right after a fresh rain, it is

seeming harmless, but it quickly

begins to form a hard kernel

which then forms sharp points.

If this plant isn't pulled out &

destroyed, it becomes what we

call a goat head.

Later when the plant drys up and

detaches from the soil the wind

begins to blow this tumble weed

which begins to distribute those

goat heads all around.

They become so firm that they

can give your tire a flat or pierce

even your shoes and each time

you step down hurt your feet.

If they had been removed

before the development of goat

heads this harm would have

been diverted.

Just like so many things in life

that seem to be harmless when

allowed to have a place in our

life ultimately bring extensive


Like, Ignoring Gods warnings,

allow anger & outrage to have

free reign, to give place to

discouragement & fear in our

life, to make place for

questionable activities, etc. the

list can go on.

I can remember my

Grandmother lamenting over

her brothers (8) enjoying a cool

one at the end of a hot day and

then that one slowly becoming

two and so on. That led to all of

their families being destroyed &

her brothers dying early


When she would go to visit

their families she came home

determined to keep us

grandkids from considering

those seemingly harmful things

from taking root in our lives.

The second warning was guard yourselves from snares:

Each of us have snares that we

are more vulnerable to. If we are

honest with ourselves we know

what our primary snares are.

Paul warned Timothy in his

second letter 2 Tim. 2:22 "Flee

youthful lusts:" the idea was to

let the reader meditate on what

that could mean.

Then he spoke of what we

should give place to: "follow

righteousness, faith, love,

peace, selfless prayer."

It's good for us to look those

snares directly in the eyes. It

may be fear, or being liked, or

well just add your likely snare


Guard your soul from thorns & snares

So Go With God for He knows when Satan, the world, or your flesh are building a trap that will trip you up, harm or maybe even destroy your life. Be on your guard, for Satan is out to harm your future whether it's two days or for your whole life. Look to our Heavenly Father for added defenses in these evil days.

Lindsay Winterton


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