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Well, for those of you who guessed the name given a hybrid cow & bison as a Beefalo, you were absolutely right. When these two animal were first begun to be crossbred in the 1970 in California they provided a healthy herd. They became a hardy, herd that proved to become of good meat quality, as well as, able to provide milk for their young and for mankind. A wild herd of some 600 head, escaped onto the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where they continue to prosper.

Well with that fact behind us, Do you know; What the doctor and a hot day have in common? Well in fact they both have a lot of degrees. Hope that you pass this one on to a friend.

Tuesday 8/22

Eccl. 3:8a "A time to love, And a time to hate."

Have you noticed that hate is commonly used in reference to those who are either enemies, or those who perform hateful acts without any real reason, or those who have no love except for themselves. However the Bible speaks of hate in a different way; Prov. 13:5 "The godly hate lies;" and Luke 14:26 compares it to the extent of our love for family in regard to our love for God.

Notice also that this verse names the positive emotion & then the negative. Then we will notice tommorow the opposite order. In this thought Solomon was speaking in a non-Christian context as far as human responses. He saw that emotions of mankind seemed to fluctuate between periods of love & periods of hate.

As we read through the scripture we seem to notice the use of the word hatred, for the believer it is primarily for harmful, evil, forms of emotion or actions. Also we are encourage to hate those things, acts or people who are continually in opposition to Him. We see this emotion is spoken of 87 times throughout the Bible, but is rarely used or encouraged in a good or benificial way.

Notice Prov. 6:16-19 speaks of 7 things that God hates, non of them are directly living beings, but rather actions that living beings carry out.

lying tongue; people who harm/kill others; hearts that are constantly intending to hurt others

such as /wicked practices; those who run to commit evil acts; those who purpose to bring harm to

those in their life; to witness against others falsely & intentending to misrepresent the person.

On the other hand He speaks of the opposite response of love 280 times almost three times more than hate.

Here is a key verse of the whole Bible which speaks about His love for all of mankind but particularly for those who receive His ultimate act of love; His death for the cleansing of our sins:

Rom. 5:5 And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us,

because He has given us the Holy Soirit to fill our hearts with His love."

So Go With God for His love for us; its limits are is impossible to comprehend or to find the end of.

Take the time to meditate on this truth with You Tube Richard Smallwood with Vision! Oh how He loves you & me.

If you do take this time to focus on His matchless love for us His children you will be enveloped with His love for you my dear one. For 10 minutes you will be surrounded with the extent of His love for you even as Isaiah was in the Temple when everything seemed lost, He was there with all of His love for him.

Then roll into the song of How He loves us - Kim Walker-Smith/Jesus Culture. My dear one rest in His love for you, it is boundless, even when we are being a brat.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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