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Well its Tuesday already, can you believe it? Friday, someone that I know, told me about the dangers of Linonophobia and someone we both know that is suffering from this. I had never heard of it. Do you know about it? Is it the fear of Floors; Carpet; Laundry; Or String. Make a guess and let me know your impression. This phobia totally baffled me.

Tuesday 4/18

Prov. 30:3 "I have not mastered human wisdom, nor do I know the Holy One."

Let me ask you, Have you come to realize the limit of the level of your knowledge? I am daily reminded of just how little I know in the whole scheme of life. And worse yet, as I look around me I am baffled by the limited knowledge of so many people around me. Particularly, our Biblical knowledge. I am convinced that too much time is committed to the wrong things in our lives, which may result in us not really knowing God.

Have you noticed that in our world there are so few people who are attempting to learn, to broaden their mental abilities. Worse yet, I am becoming distinctly aware of the lessening mental acuity that is mine.

Are you in the same boat? It seems that as we recount the wonderful people who have contributed greatly in our life, we, Becky and I, cannot recall their names. We remember the many deeds of kindness but just can't seem to recall their names.

Our lives have been filled with precious people who have showered on us so many special gifts of time, resources, love, but their names escape us. So, what does this remind us of? The importance of remembering names, or is it the necessity of passing on blessing to others? Well according to our memory it was the acts of kindness that affected us the most, that are indelibly emblazoned in our minds.

Agur is focusing this same mindset for us in this verse that we reflect on today. He begins on his concern for his lack of human wisdom, then he laments in an even greater way, his weak understanding of our eternal, loving Heavenly Father.

As the song goes "Oh how He loves you and me," then the song recounts the many ways that He expresses His love to us, beginning with His death for our salvation, and then goes on with so much more.

It is no wonder that Agur sorrows over the lack of his truely knowing His Savior. As we look around us, His creation, His oversight in our lives, the volumous intricate details of the many ways He cares for us. Oh, it is with sorrow that I say with the sage, "nor do I know the Holy One."

He over & over reminds me of His workings in my life, through this Book, and through His children. Yet I know so little about Him. Though we everyday set at His feet through our devotional times, in prayer, yet no matter how much we commit ourselves to knowing Him, we will none the less, as Agur says, admit to the limited amount that we really know Him.

In my lifetime I don't know of a more tender, constantly loving person, than my wife, and though we have wandered through many adventures & struggles. I am still constantly made aware of things I have not known about her. Things that bring laughter to her, or that bring hurt or sorrow in her life. Though these are true, there is one constant in her life, She yearns "to know the Holy One".

This has been the powerful force in our lives together, We both more than anything else, desire to know Him. As a parent I have failed in many ways, but I undoubtedly desire that each of my children & grandchildren, be brought by my life, to that desire to know the Holy One. As one of the leaders in our church, this is my over riding desire, that my life draws, our fellowship to "yearn to know the Holy One."

As a husband though I have any faults, my greatest desire is that my lovely wife continue to be drawn to knowing our precious Father, due to her time with me.

So Go With God for I will promise you this. He knows your name, your heart, mind & soul, and He desires more than any other thing in our whole world. That you know Him. All of the hills, bumps, etc. in our lives have as their purpose for us to daily come to know Him.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Apr 18, 2023

My guess is floors in general.



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