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Well I know that you've been waiting on pins & needles for the answer to this question. Which was the professional sports team to introduce the "High Five". The Yankees; Cowboys; Celtics; or the Dodgers?

Well if you guessed the Cowboys you were, wait for it... Wrong, it was the Dodgers, it began with Glenn Burke an outfielder in 1977 when his teammate Dusty Baker hit a home run & after Dusty ran acrossed home plate Burke raised his hand in the air & Dusty slapped it & that began the famous tradition of the 'High Five"

When I was a kid we would say it was a knee slapping, toe tapping good time. This was when someone told a really funny joke. Oh well, so much for past historical events.

Monday 6/19

Prov. 31:22 "She makes her own bedspreads. She dresses in fine linen and purple gowns."

This verse may seem awkward or unrelated, however, they are pointing out a concept that may seem unusual. The virtuous woman takes interest in her appearance, she puts her best attention in causing the clothing she appears in with high regard & even her covering of her most private locations. Otherwise she takes an interest in her appearances when going into the public arena but she also takes an interest in providing a lovely atmosphere in her most private places.

Her bedroom where only a few people pear into, most importantly where her husband is present. She takes a conscious interest in the most private dwellings of her husband & herself. She personally creates an atmosphere of beauty & spaciousness in her most intimate dwellings. Also when going into the public arena she takes great care in her appearances.

In other words she takes great effort to heighten her appearance when spending time with her husband in the public. She dresses like royalty when spending time in the public eye, representing herself well before her husband & family. By doing this she is stating the honor that she places in being with her loved ones in the public arena. In other words, expressing her desire to express by her private dwellings & public appearance, honor & respect that she upholds her loved ones in.

What lesson might we say is being emphasized here? Well primarily that she is interested in those in her company whether private or public, to express what she feels is the level of value that she places on their presence in her life. To make sure that others feel honored by her, through her apparel, such as dresses, and by her giving the feeling of nobility, respect, and honor presented to them. To make sure as Becky says, they feel spoiled, cared for by the very atmosphere she provides.

Becky is the best hostess I have known in my lifetime, when others come to our home she becomes as I say, "The hostess for the mostest". I never have to feel ashamed for her presentation to those who visit our home. If something is out of place she attempts to quickly correct that. If you visit our home you will notice the extent that she has given to your coming into our home. Nothing is too much in her desire to help you feel at ease. In honesty (don't tell her I said this, Can you keep a secret? she in my book, and in fact in my life is the most present example of the virtuous woman that I have ever known. Shhh)

In simple terms make others who you welcome into your home feel like a king or queen. Or in fact, to those who wonder into your life, experience that same feeling, as though they have walked from your presence feeling like they have been in the company of royalty. Not because they have felt uncomfortable, but rather as though your whole life has been celebrated by you joining them.

So Go With God for He desires you to feel this very way in His presence. To feel joyed in by Him, to feel like He celebrates your company. That is just how He feels. Remember, the father's response to his son when he the prodical son returned to him? That is exactly how our Heavenly Father feels when we consciously come into His presence, through our listening to His voice (reading the Bible) and our pouring out words of fellowship (as we are praying).
brenda x
Jun 19, 2023

I do love to make others feel honored and pampered. It gives me great joy. Think how pampered we are by Christ's example in feet washing, going to the homes of sinners who most likely put out their best for Him, even as others criticized him for going. Yesterday, I was reminded of a godly woman, Diane Ramey, who impressed upon me greatly the virtues of Proverbs 31 in my early marriage with her friendship and that of her husband, Ken. He was in our wedding. They didn't stop coming 1960 miles from So Cal to Wenatchee, Washington with 4 ailing children from the flu to give to us, so Ken could be Ben's groomsmen. Blessed indeed. Thank you, Ken, still here on earth, and Diane, now in glory.



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