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From Pastor Ben


So to all of those folks who made a guess as to this question: What classic film ends with, “After all, tomorrow is another day?” the choices were Singing in the Rain, Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, or Gone With the Wind? If you guessed Gone with the Wind, you were absolutely right.


Ecclesiastes 7:13:

"Consider the work of God; For who can make straight what He has made crooked?"

This verse has several interesting thoughts for us to ponder.

~ Is it pointing out that God's creative work of design should be recognized as vital, or final?

~ Or is this verse emphasizing how His design has purpose and meaning?

Take a couple minutes to contemplate this verse....Now let's digress for a minute. Trust me, this applies to our lesson:

  • Why is Lombard Street in San Francisco, California one of the most remembered, unique streets? Well it is because it has been celebrated as one of the crookedest streets in the world. Just think about this for a minute, How many thousands of streets are there in Frisco? And yet Lombard Street is the most visited street in the whole city. Why? Well, for one thing it is due to its eight abrupt curves on its one-way block on Russian Hill.

  • Here is another thought to ponder. What is one thing that Mark Twain developed beyond his at least 28 books in addition to many, many short stories (at least 100) that is still in use today. Well believe it or not, he developed the hooks that are still being used today, the hooks on the women's brassiere. Many people attempted to develop a different apparatus for this purpose, but none have replaced it yet.

  • Now one more thought to put in this story, please hold on because they all have a connection to this verse. In the trivia that I placed on the Spaces Post of this verse. I asked for the readers to guess as to what classic film ends with, “After all, tomorrow is another day”? Because even though there were several other quotes that are memorable in the movie of "Gone With The Wind," This quote seemed out of place in this notable movie as it was an abrupt ending with no clear resolution.

Now I said all of these things to focus our thinking on this one thought.m: Many times the unusual creation in the whole universe causes something important in a person's life to stand out, to bring our attention to its creator. For instance, almost every designer of buildings attempts to construct the highest standing building. Why? In order to leave behind a statement for the world to remember its creator.

In this same way God is leaving behind this statement. "Consider the work of God." Our eternal God want to point out His eternal truth through your life. Imagine that! He "God" wants to create you, my friend, in a unique way in order that you might be His image bearer, His imprint on the world.

SO GO WITH GOD, stand tall and erect because the way He created you is the very image He desires to bring out to His world through you. Don't apologize or be ashamed of it, for you are created exactly like you are in order to remind the world of His uniqueness, His completeness, His perfection, His amazing design, and all through you, my dear friend. Don't forget that fact He made you crooked or straight, short ot tall, strong or weak, in order to proclaim to your world His wonder.

PS: Mark Twain never in his lifetime knew that his invention of the clip used by millions of women today would become the one legacy invention that he left behind that would have impacted the world most. (Even above his writing career.) You, my dear one, may never know His creative design placed in you that will be remembered in the days beyond your existence in this physical world. Therefore, joy in His creative mark that He has left in your life while on this earth.

Jeremiah 32:14:

'Thus said Jehovah of Hosts, God of Israel, Take these books, this purchase-book, both the sealed one and the open one, and thou hast put them in an earthen vessel, that they may remain many days;"

Rest in Him, my dear one in That Your Life Message Will Remain Many Days.

brenda x


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