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So, What is it called when a cat throws a temper tantrum? Yep, you guessed it A hissy fit.

Thursday 2/23

Prov. 28:12 "When the godly succeed, everyone is glad. When the wicked take charge, people go into hiding."

This proverbs implies that the well-being of society rises or falls determinant upon the character of its leadership. The natural question may be Why? Well, other proverbs answer this question:

The godly are characterized by justice & fairness in Prov. 1:3; 21:15: 29:4.

While the wicked are characterized by violence & oppression in Prov. 4:17; 17:23; 21:10.

These verses are summarized in saying that in general when a nation or in our personal life when righteousness is followed, then stability, mercy and joy reign.

However, when wickedness is allowed to reign then violence, bribery, evil and harm is brought to all.

As Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."

We can see these long standing principle lived out in Israel, when they feared God & followed in God's ways then they became prosperous & revered, however, when they refused to honor God they became wicked then they became slaves to the nations around them.

I fear this same truth is being borne out for our own country. Look about us & it is easily seen in our national domain. Unrighteousness & evil surround us. I remember while growing up when evil was spoken of that's when the evils of California were almost always spoken of to illustrate the evil of that day. But now, we hear of violence & bloodshed equally as often in central US. We find ourselves not being shocked by godless practices being carried out in small sheltered communities.

Unfortunately, evil is running rampant in our small, sheltered communities, as well as, large booming metropolis's. Our focus must be to teach God's ways to our children, to illustrate the benefits of this sort of living. We can not let the evil activities of the wicked to be unseen in the eyes of our children, without pointing out the consequences of following after the ungodly ways of this world. And at the same time we must not fail to lift up the blessings of following after the godly ways of His people.

Many of the special days celebrated by Israel were focused on both of these opposing views. Reflecting on the evils that were placed upon the nation by those who followed Satan, worshipped evil. The other celebrations were focused on the goodness, and faithfulness of God on His people as they walked in obedience of His ways.

So Go With God for righteousness always prevails, blessings are always experienced as we His people walk in His ways. So bask, reflect on the many times when these truths have been experienced in your life. Remember back to those many times that you have enjoyed His goodness throughout your life. Maybe even watch a you tube of the song "God is so good" as you meditate on those blessings.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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