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What is a robot's favorite snack? Well of course computer chips, that's why they complain when the chips are down.

Saturday 5/20

Prov. 30:27 "Locusts-they have no king, but they march in formation."

Here today wisdom points out the third creature that was created by God who by their very nature, point out a positive quality. Here the writer points out the value of the quality of labor & order through the locusts.

These are creatures very much like our grasshopper today, but when they come together they literally can strip a field bare. In the Exodus story we saw the consequence of this eighth plague where millions of such creatures descended on Egypt while at the same time the land where the Jews lived were literally devoid of them.

These animals teach us the value of orderly productivity, each one accomplishing his purpose. In this same way bringing order & benefit to each other. In the same way when we as believers put our efforts together in the task that we are capable of accomplishing, we bring honor to our Lord. We could excuse ourselves in saying I can only do _____ but when we do our ____ in an orderly manner this brings order to our world & in turn honor to God.

We easily in our lifetime can see many ways that this is true. Throughout history before formal hospitals, the church was developed as the place for sick, helpless people to gather, and believers gathered to care for them, In the Roman Empire, this was true Romans were fleeing the cities, while believers were entering to care for the sick, in the Civil war the wounded & fallen found care at the church. Today in our country more than 80% of drug recovery programs are found as part of a church effort. Much of the Counseling provided for the health crisis of our day, for those who are unable to receive this care for our generation is available to those who reach out.

We as a church through our association are involved in emergency provisions, through meals, water, counseling, blanket distribution, etc. Samaritan's purse is funded & serviced primarily by believers around the world.

In the same way the Spirit calls us to unity, care & compassion, and when we respond in harmony we bring glory to our eternal Father. John 17:22 "I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one."

So Go With God and He will guide you into his mission field, which is mostly witnessed by our world through the church. Join in with His hands to bring glory to Him. One of the reasons we were brought to the Savior was for us to tell others of this great good news. Let's not become weary in well doing in this desperate day of need.

Lindsay Winterton
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