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Well if you chose January as the month that the sun is closest to the earth you were right. Hey, by the way, Did you hear Why the turkey joined the band? Well it wasbecause he had the drumsticks. What a turkey, gobble gobble.

Saturday 11/3

Prov. 25:27 “It’s not good to eat too much honey, and it’s not good to seek honors for yourself.”

While making this statement in the 16th verse of this chapter the warning was directed to gluttony, (to much honey will make you sick) this verse is focused on humility as is verse 6,7 in this same chapter (don’t push for a place to be seen with the king).

The thought behind this warning is to be careful not to be focusing on self glory, but rather, strive to do your best with an emphasis on obedience to God and seeking His wisdom in all things. In other words, boasting about your own achievements, in order to gain the adoration of others is not to become our focus.

God‘s instruction to us is that we should steer clear of efforts to become self-seeking, for these attempts may result in rejection & resentment. We are given this similar warning in Luke 14:8-10 (seek a lesser seating order), furtherest from physical honor. We are also directed to this same warning in James 4:7-10 “Humble yourselves before God (intimating also to others on earth) and He will lift you up in honor.”

In other words our focus should be on unselfish service to our Savior with no regard for our own appearances, & then our honor or dishonor is left in our fathers hands. Our focus is to be on bringing glory to our king.

In a world so focused on personal gain & success our concerns can be easily misdirected to our appearances, rather than glory to Him. This can easily become our interest, so we must purpose to keep our eyes on our message, rather than on our position as the messenger. ”Keep your eyes on the high calling of God” Phil. 3:14

So Go With God for He will keep regard for where honor should be focused.



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