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Well Brenda was a right about the smallest bird being the Hummingbird. They by the way are a most amazing animal, for they can flap their wings at the speed of 80 times per second. They also can fly at the speed of 75 miles per hour, and can also be flying 25. Mph and then in the length of you index finger comrade to a full stop. By the way they also fly their wings in a figure eight pattern which accounts for the fact that they can move up, down, left, right and backwards. At the same time they are able to draw out from a flower up to 10 drops of nectar in 15 millisecond or a 100th of a second. Isn't that amazing? No wonder we are overcome with emotion when we think of God's creative works.

As I was taking Parker and Trixie (my dog) he Parker asked me where do dogs come from. I then explained to him that God created them for our enjoyment. He said really? Then in his four year old mind he sighed, and then said in a matter of fact way, He sure knows what He is doing doesn't he?

Trixie & Parker love & enjoy each other, everytime he comes to our house. They wrestle, play with each other, and when tired, they just lay beside each other in happy repose. When Trixie stays over night at Parkers house she always finds her way back to sleep with Parker. They are Best buds.

As I was thinking of this verse that we started with yesterday. Prov. 29:26 "Many seek the ruler's favor, but justice comes from the Lord."

As I was thinking back on this verse and just how fortunate we are to be held in justice from the Lord's hands. Just think, just like dogs were created for our enjoyment, we enjoy Him and His justice in our lives. Aren't you glad that you realize that our Loving, caring, powerful, Father God upholds justice for us?

I was a just reminded by this fact that though there have been many great people in my life, including my wonderful wife, Becky, even as patient as she is I can tell I am testing her sometimes. But Father God is the very source of justice, He isn't just determined to be just, but He is the very source of justice.

We are reminded that man no matter how patient he/she may be, our failures can bring them to their end.

However, God's justice is endless, He will deal fairly and justly with us each & every time. Aren't you glad that He is the source of ultimate justice.

God has set up humans to administer justice here on earth, but ultimately all justice ends up in the hands of God. He is the very source of justice, not just a just guide in our life, but He is the beginning & end of justice.

Now Solomon knew first hand how that most men attempt to gain the favor of their rulers in their life, but in reality, the only one who's opinion of us that matters is our loving Savior.

So Go With God for He is the final source of justice. In the last few years we have heard of people who were wrongfully charged and ended up in prison for many years. Then when new evidence is finally validated, they are released. I have been amazed when they are released and their first testimony has been thankfulness.

We watched the Passion just last week, and I found my mind wondering as to whether Barabbas came to the realization that it was Jesus' death that brought him release from his life's sentence? Jesus death brought justice to fulfill his death penalty. In the same way He has paid for our life of sinfulness & we are freed from our own death penalty. Aren't you thankful that He is the provider of justice.

If you get a chance listen to the you tube "Thank you Lord" by Don Moen.

brenda x


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