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Well if you guessed that bananas are slightly radioactive you were right. The amount of radioactivity they contain is harmless, but they still have an element in them. In fact in the past a truckload of bananas has been used to hide nuclear weapons from detection by a radiation detectors. Your natural question may be, Can eating bananas hurt me? Well honestly, No, unless you are able to eat many of them, say one million or so, and should you did that, well there would be many more problems. So go ahead and eat banana cream pie, and a breakfast banana, etc. and yes enjoy the potassium benefits of eating them.

By the way, do you know where math teachers like to go on vacation? Well, you guessed it, they enjoy going to Times Square. Ho Ho Ho

Thursday 12/29

Prov. 26:21 “A quarrelsome person starts fights as easily as hot embers light charcoal or fire lights wood.”

This verse is helping us recognize that some people are prone to responding to conflict in a hurtful way, and their solution is to be aware of that tendency and realize that their remedy is to stay clear of other such persons. Proverbs lays out many other verses of such warning: 15:18; 16:28; 17:14; 18:19; 21:9, 19; 22:10; 23:29; 25:24; 26:21; 27:15; 28:25; 29:22 to name a few bits of guidance.

Slander by another person can set off a reaction that brings conflict to an eruptive point. (Fights)

The counsel here is to become adept at recognizing those persons, or events that tend to bring a reaction and stay far removed from them.

Yesterday, verse 20 gave us the wise counsel of staying away from those prone to malicious conversation.

This verse is warning us of the personality/ tendency of some people that we should stay clear of. Solomon illustrates this concern through natural life circumstances. (Dry wood and it’s tendency to burn with the slightest flame, and how just a spark given the right influence can render charcoal into intense heat) in a flash.

King Saul was a perfect example of this tendency, look how he responded to young David. He reacted to him when he was seeking to bring comfort to Saul, and even when David was defending his kingdom. Notice David’s solution to these conflicts, LEAVE his presence, and then strive to serve Israel in other ways outside of Saul‘s presence.

Have you come into contact with someone that brings conflict with them wherever they go? They seem to enjoy others for a time, but in time even violent conflict erupts. If you will notice, this counsel isn’t directed at the person who brings conflict, but rather to the person who has experienced harmful contact with the brawler. How are we to respond? Stay clear of potential conflict.

Everyone has potential hot issues, the wise person senses those hot points, and steers away from them. I have learned to stay away from people who are constantly deceitful and have as their sole purpose to bring harm to innocent people.

Due to being an eternal optimist I am one of those people who sees good in everyone, so when someone comes into my life who is deceitful I am many times drawn into their deceit. As I have learned to listen to the Spirits wooing in my life I have been spared of this process of realizing my being drawn into things that have brought hurt to others.

So Go With God for He will be your aid in such matters. The further our world moves away from Our Loving Father and His yearning to bring love and compassion to all, the more influence is given to people of deceit.

So the need for the wisdom that comes only from Him is vital in our world. The perfect example is this.

When we were growing up the ideal was to protect children's innocence. However, have you noticed todays culture is rather seemingly aimed at purposefully striving to expose, and pervert the innocence of our youth.

From confusion of gender, to sexual deviancy, all of these are offensive to God’s love for children. So going with God has never been more vitally important, for even those caught up in these things have been fooled, deceived by the great deceiver, Satan himself.

Remember, the quarrelsome person, is seeking to set our world on fire, to destroy all righteous ones in our world. This isn’t new, rather even father Abraham was tempted and torn by these very same influences.

Lindsay Winterton


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