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Good guesses on what state the city Truth or Consequences is in. It is in New Mexico.

On the lighter side. How do you brush a bees's hair? Well of course, With a honey comb.

Friday 6/9

Prov. 31:13 "She finds wool & flax and busily spins it."

Interestingly here these two ingredients wool & flax when spun together result in a product that is exceptional in warmth & strength. Just in recent years has the U. S. Government began to infuse these two products together after finding that this brought enduring strength & resistance to moisture causing a warming agent when spun together. How about that? This combination of ingredients were not being used until just recently.

By the way, they also together resist wrinkles, and wind penetration. The preparation of these two ingredients require individually excessive preparation time. The combination of which has just recently been discovered. They together bring both warmth and at the same time a cooling affect which resists the penetration of humid environments.

Flax is often used for weaving into rope, while the oil is used in cooking, while at the same time the remaining ingredients are used in breads, while also the oil is burnt in lamps, While flax seed is small in appearance, much the size of sesame seed, they are very much more enduring ingredient when mixed with wool. The byproduct ingredients of flax are used in a number of byproducts today, such as Glocosamine for soothing of joint irritation & pain, as well as, mixed into mayonnaise to retard the breakdown of the other ingredients in it.

Flax milk has the ability when drinking to decrease inflammation, as well as, when included with its oil causes unusual hair growth, reduce ear mites in dogs, and even when combined with collagen is soothing to skin disorders, supports the immune system, cardiovascular benefits, mood enhancers, muscle recovery from stressful exercise, digestive benefits, weight control. All of these are benefits found during the processing of flex seed for use in fabric. Wow!

So Go With God for in the very use of these very ingredients come so many health benefits. Do yo think our creator God knew these extensive benefits of His creation? Well of course He did. Can we recognize the many benefits that can be drawn by closely following His words?

So my dear one draw upon the unknowing benefits of sticking closely to His truths. The Amish people of our day have been delving into this realm of the many natural properties of byproducts that can be drawn from various natural plants, seed, etc. The company called Purity Products have been studying with the Amish people from many wholistic qualities drawn from our God's creation.

My dear ones, Never allow yourselves to be short sided in the many benefits that God has inadvertently passed onto us in following His words.

brenda x


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