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Well believe it or not The Mall of America is managed by a Canadian retail conglomerate. It is 5.6million square feet in size, and the site used was where the Minnesota Twins & Vikings stadium was originally located. It has 520 stores & 60 restaurants with 10,000 employees with a 13 screen movie theater, an indoor theme park, and a mini-golf course, along with the largest aquarium in Minnesota.

Yep, it is truly an amazing place to visit & shop, eat, and even take in a movie, all of this in the wide open state of Minnesota. Haven't been there myself but way to go Jennifer, sounds like an amazing place to see.

With it's 300 real trees, and 12,500 parking spaces it's definitely a grand place to visit.

Friday 6/2

Prov. 31:6,7 "Give strong drink to him who is perishing, And wine for those who are bitter of heart. Let's them drink to forget their poverty and remember their troubles no more"

There evidently is a place for strong drink (has high alcohol content) for the person in intense pain, or amidst tragic circumstances, or with a terminal illness, while wine is a good remedy for intense stomach irritation. However, their seems to be no place for over indulgence with either, in normal life concerns. But certainly not in a place where sound decision making is of vital importance.

Should the leader over indulge in these excesses, then his ability to make wise, sound judgements are impaired. This a would render him forgetful of his important position, and the need for him to uphold the rights of those in need of justice & sound judgement. The execution of sound law & order principles are of great importance, so they should be carried out as a result of sound reasoning.

The trio of wine, women & song are spoken often as a debasing trio in past writings.

We live an age where there are many people who are friends with misery, either of the mind or heart. Our role in this struggling society is to bring solace, compassion and concern for all those who need guidance and the ability to guide them through devastating circumstances which they are in. As we journey through life please don't lose sight of those in need, either physically or emotionally. B. B. B. has free prayer banner placed on their easy up & this avails them of many opportunities to lead people in desperate times to find comfort in the only person who can bring comfort.

WE many times may miss these moments where others are in need of a comforting & caring in their lives. May we each be sensitive to those who come into our path, be it at home, in the store, or yes especially at church. We must be alert to those in our lives who are in need of caring, and in those difficult times of sorrow. Our world is in tremendous need for those who can just care for them. We must keep our eyes open for those who are silently suffering & be ready to pour on the ointment of compassion on their soul.

So Go With God for He alone can heal the broken hearted, and we can be His hands of blessing on others lives.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton


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