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Can you guess what subjects are most viewed on Wikipedia? 124million on Movies; 39million on TV shows; 33 million on Athletes; 56 million on varieds articles with a total of 279 billion views totally asked. That tells me that people are full of questions, more than 800 million about spiritually related questions.

By the way, Do you know what a group of Jellyfish are called? Are they called; A blab; A smack: A swirl; Or A pod? Make a guess & tune in next week for the answer.


PROV. 31:14 "She is like a merchant's ship, bringing food from afar."

Now think for a minute, there was no internet, or dependable mail service, phone calls, just how did she get food from far away? Two ways were available to her, go to the port & trade her goods, or have someone represent her in this task. The next verse would intimate that she had a trained staff to carry out this task, for her. We'll talk about the why of this tomorrow.

However she accomplished this task, she brought food to her family. Today the grocery store merchant has a number of local farmers who bring in their produce for sale, while venders provide the dry goods from a number of sources. I can't imagine just how this was carried out, but it was definitely a work of art. That is why this verse speaks words of commendation for the accomplishment of this task.

In her day there were local street markets where food could be bought or traded for, but however the task was fulfilled it required planning, much more than today. Today you can go to the internet, or Costco, or a grocery store, etc. to buy whatever may be needed.

The inference is that she, the virtuous woman, is very creative in providing food & other needs for her family. Distance or time of year, or any other demands are not reason for her inability for preparation to meet the needs of her family. In other words she makes every effort to put the needs of her family first in her life. Though her life is busy, she still puts every effort into caring for her family first. Her priorities are placed in proper order.

All of us have faced times where regardless of our efforts, our family has needs beyond any human efforts, that is when we recognize that our needs must be laid before our God.

So my dear ones Go With God in all you do, whether it is the common daily task or the eventful vital need you face. Do those things sensitive to God's presence & leadings in them. It is so easy to forget that these common roles are in need of dependence on Him. Rest your weary soul in Him, regardless of how deep your challenge, for He careth for you. There is no need too great for His mighty hand to reach out to.

Lindsay Winterton
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