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Can you believe it’s Saturday already? Hey, Can you guess which buildings were the tallest buildings in the world for thousands of years? You got it, the pyramids of Giza. They are 481 feet tall and built in 2550BC. To top it off there were two cities built around these pyramids. Amazing, huh?

Our meditation today is located in

Prov. 19:11 “The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, And his glory is to overlook a transgression.”

The Hebrew word for “discretion of a man“ the Hebrew word is sekhel which refers to good sense, level headed. (Controlled, patient)

Patience & restraint are considered virtues and should be held onto (Prov. 16:31) while rashness and violent outbursts are recognized as signs of weakness.

The second lesson that should be held up for admiration is

the ability to release grudges, due to the fact that they admittedly bring strife & ruin to relationships.

So Go With God and He will assist us in both of these challenges. 1) Guard us from violence 2) Protect is from grudges.

Both of these virtues transport admiration from others, and result in long lasting relationships. We should hold tightly to the friendships of the heavenly, then the relationships of the present will be enriched.

brenda x
Lakeside Baptist Church


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