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Good morning my wet ones, Wow! Have we had rain or not. I feel like I'm back in western washington state. Let's see how sharp you are today; What musician popularized the Moonwalk? Madonna; James Brown; Michael Jackson; Or MC Hammer? Now the second part of the quiz; What song became popular through its motion? Hint: The artist included it in many tours after its debut.


Prov. 28:13 "People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy."

There are two kinds of forgiveness:



Both of these types of forgiveness are vitally important, Can you remember either kind in your past?

I can remember one in particular,

As a young boy my neighbor friend Greg, got mad at me and so he told his mother that I had damned God to him. Though this was not particularly bad in his home for I had heard his father speak these types of words many time. BUT to our family they were the worst words that you could even been possibly spoken, SO, when Greg's mom told my parents what I had said, that was like declaring world war to them. SO, they had her & Greg come to our house and confront me with these abominable words. To make matters worse His mother said she had heard me say it.

I remember that moment I was so shocked that I was speechless, dumbfounded, totally silent, I couldn't even speak. I remember my dad asking me that age old question, "So, Did you say that?" Greg was so on the defensive that he went on to say other words that I was supposed to have said. Most of those words I must admit that I had never even heard spoken before.

I denied having said these words, and I refused to take the blame, I remember my Dad being so taken back that he condemned me to my room until I could admit my use of these words. For a boy who was as active, and social, as I was, that was tant amount to life imprisonment. It was summer, no bike rides, or as I called it, Hi' ing people on my street, etc. etc. Just the four walls of my room.

I remember going to church Wednesday night and going forward for prayer. My SS teacher came up to talk & and I remember crying so profusely that she had no idea what my confession was for. She lovingly reminded me that God's forgiveness & love could wipe away even the greatest offense.

This confinement continued on for 3 days. Finally, my dad came into my room after work that third day, and asked me why I wouldn't admit to my fault. I remember running, blubering into his arms and my words of refusal to him, and pleading for his understanding in this, confirming I could not even find myself saying these words about the Jesus I loved. We prayed together and he went down from my room.

I can still remember hearing mom & dad struggling for wisdom to maneuver this dilemma. That night my brother came into the room and told me it was time for supper, I refused to go down, I wasn't hungry. He reasoned with me, "Just say your sorry, then it will be over." He assured me he had never ever heard me say anything like that, "so just go along." I couldn't contain my sorrow, I wept uncontrollably in my little brothers arms.

Finally, he said let's just tell Dad these things as if to say, our all wise father would help us. We got up from the bed & went hand in hand & faced our family & parents with this truth, both crying, seeking understanding. That was as the saying goes, straw that broke the camels back we all cried, sorrowed together. These I am convinced are the moments that brought our family from people who were born of the same parents, to a family with the sole purpose of bringing glory to our God.

I remember that night like it were yesterday, mom had made bean soup, that was lots of beans with a little ham drug through it, with the flavor from leftover lard from bacon, I had never enjoyed that soup so much before, and cornbread much like Marie Calendar's. As we talked we formulated a plan to confront Greg's mom on the truth, it had been Greg who had said these words. My parents invited Greg & mom over to clear the air. I started with saying how much God has meant to me, how it was impossible for me to curse Him to anyone, not alone Greg, my friend, and that was it Greg burst out in wailling & admiting to his lie.

This kind of event was foreign to Greg's family, his parents never understood how people could be so in love with this faraway being, God. Greg & parents over the next few years, talked & asked many questions about our relationship with our Heavenly Father. This experience drove into my life just how wonderful was my communion with God & my family. And even today, I remember the total release I felt that day after in my childlike way expounding who God was to me, & how much I loved Him.

This experience reminds me of several other people in the Bible who struggled with this time of estrangement: David - Psa. 32:3-5 - Living in joy

John - 1 John 1:8-10 - Living in the light

That phrase, "If we confess & turn ... we will receive mercy." Over my lifetime I have witnessed many thousands of people experiencing this AHA moment, it is definitely one that all of us trillions of repentant children of the Father, will never forget. I believe that is one of the things that will fill our time in heaven with. Me, for the first time was at the kitchen table pouring out my heart to a loving father, along with my mother & sister. Us all crying because of that fellowship that we enjoy through Jesus & His sacrifice for our sins.

So Go With God, He will always come to us, whether it is in times of Sorrow or of Joy. As He said in

Matt. 11:28 "Come unto me, all you that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Just think this truth was surrounded by a time when Jesus was being questioned with "How can we know you are Messiah Jesus?" He then recounted all the many places that He had performed many miracles & yet the people that were present had rejected his salvation work. Then Jesus responded with "Oh, come unto me"

Sometime, take the time to peruse through the Gospels and think through this amazing message, "Come unto me".

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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