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Where is the place where Christmas comes before Thanksgiving, where is it? Make a guess!

Why was the attorney's pregnancy so east for her? Well of course because she practiced in labor law. Ho, ha.


Ecclesiastes 12:5b "(Remember me)... When the almond tree blossoms, The grasshopper is a burden, and desire fails. ...

The writer is encouraging us of the many times in life that we should remember to go to God for solutions in dealing with the struggles of life.

almond tree blossoms - thought to be referring to the time when a persons hair like the blossoms

turns white

the grasshopper - is referring to the time that a person is unable to carry any burden, overwhelmed

with the slightest duty

desire fails - has no drive, nor vision for new direction, no new plans for accomplishments, feelings of


Solomon is reminding us that there is never a time that we should fail to go to God, for He always has solutions for our struggles, there is never a time when He gives up on us.

SO GO WITH GOD my friend for each time we feel useless, or incapable to meet the challenge we are facing, everytime He has a solution. Failure is only inevitable when we stop looking to Him. For He brings color to our life, renders strength to our feet, and gives direction in our life when we look to Him. There is no such time as hopeless, or being overcome by the struggle, He always brings to our life the next step to take.

I remember in my days of running cross country track my coach drilled into my mind and heart, that the only person who fails in his event is the person who refuses to take the next step. My side would begin to ache, my legs would start burning, my lungs would feel like they were going to collapse, but if I continued to take that next step I would struggle through those impossible feelings. In the same way my dear friend before you give up, go to God and He will lead you through what seems like impossible odds. Just as Sir Windston said the people of England when the outcome looked impossible, "Never give up." For as the song says, "He will carry you through, Oh my loving brother."

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