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Good morning everybody well either no one had a clue as to the wettest US city or no one cared. So it is Mobile, Ala. imagine their annual rainfall is 69 inches, and imagine Seattle average is 29 inches.

On a new note; Do you know; Why trees have a hard time in relationships? Well, its because: People always leaf them.

Monday 2/13

Prov. 28:5 "Evil people don't understand justice, but those who follow the Lord understand completely."

First, lets learn the foundation of this instruction, its important to learn that wisdom is closely related to justice. You say; How do I know that to be true? Remember, the Bible is its best commentary. Let's look further at some verses that clarify this truth.

Prov. 1:3 "Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives, to help them do what is right, just, and fair." In other words the purpose of this book is to teach those who meditate on it to fully succeed through living justly.

Prov. 2:6,8 "For the Lord grants wisdom! ... He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him. Then you will understand what is right, just, fair, and you will find the right way to go." The Lord gives His followers the inside track on how to place the proper value on justice, and the benefit of God's insight.

Prov. 8:20 "I walk in righteousness, in paths of justice. Those who love me inherit wealth. I will fill their treasuries." These verses are God talking to the reader, "If we follow after God in our life, then He will enrich all of our ways in the long run.

Now that we have learned the foundation of justice, we will come to a full understanding of how vital justice is & how it will influence our decisions. (The benefits)

Next lets think about what keeps the evil people from understanding justice. Let me think for a minute, ask Who is the god of this world? Of course the answer & begins with S________. So if he is, the god of this world; Do you think that he will expend all of his energy to give the appearance that injustice results in immediate successes. He purposefully did this with Adam & Eve, They disobeyed God, got kicked out of the garden and began suffering the consequences of sin, and Satan caused them to blame God, as though it was all God's responsibility. Rather than he tricked them into disobeying God promising ultimate wisdom, for example was a lie.

Now, what Satan didn't know was that Christ ultimately would come to the earth and pay the eternal cost of sin & meet the need for justice. All that was necessary was for us to ask Christ to come into our lives & wash away all our sins past, present & future. When we fully surrender ourselves to Christ, then He will renew and refresh our lives.

More tomorrow...

So Go With God for He will make the tomorrows of life fulfilling & complete.

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