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Ecclesiastes 12:2 "Remember Him (Our Father) before the light of the sun, moon, and stars is dim to your old eyes, and rain clouds continually darken your sky."

These next verses 2-8 are best understood when they are recognized as a methaphor. (a statement not to be taken literally) but rather a figure of speech that is comparitive. With that in mind continue to read these next verses.

Solomon is comparing the changes that come upon all people who continue in the aging process, the diminishment of eye sight, the possibility of other other aging processes.

I ran across a book written by George Gallup where he shared some interesting statistics:

If your grandfather was born in the 1900's his life expectancy was 45

If you father was born around 1940, his life expectancy had increased to 63

If your son was born in 1980, he can expect to live to 75

Presently, there are 12,000 Americans who are over 100 years of age

Solomon continues to discuss the varied struggles of growing old, the dimness of ambient light, the regularity of cloudy days and cold weather, and he begins with reminding ourselves to walk near the Father's hands and eyes, for they aren't shortened in any way nor failing in His ability to be guided by His long view of life.

The Hebrew people had an idom that warned those who were growing in age, "To not allow the struggles that come along with these challenges, rather than through crankiness and depression, from controlling our view of life."

Shakespeare often made this comment, "You see, old age can bring its own crankiness and depression, and then he went on to say, "I wasted time, now time doth waste me."

Truly we can become vulnerable to becoming irritable, negative, and mentally foggy, and the occurrence of the storms of forgetfulness, and seemingly the clouds of forgetfulness take longer to dissipate.

Therefore we are reminded to not lose sight of our Heavenly Father and His continual oversight of our daily needs. Though we may face these diminishing qualities in our lives, He is never limited by these elements of our physical life.

SO GO WITH GOD, "Remember Him" before any of these struggles of life enter into our lives. Oh my friend these varied struggles loom before each of us, However, remember He is the victor, the more we draw to Him, the more we look to Him, the more we recognize our need for His presence in our life, the more we declare His glory to our world, the brighter His presence rings out throughout our lives.

In other words, the more we draw upon Him the more His salvation is spoken out throughout our lives. Oh, only Our Savior, brings brightness, and blessings to our lives regardless of the circumstances that come to our physical lives. Rest in Him my dear one For only He can bring light and joy through difficulties.

brenda x


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