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You all guessed the right answer to our last quiz. In the 50's Sunday was the day most grocery stores were closed.

Here's another one. Which dish was invented by a Panda Express chef? Orange chicken, Maps tofu, Spring rolls, or was it Chow mein? Make your guess.


Ecclesiastes 12:4a "Remember Him before the door to life's opportunities is closed and the sound of work fades."

This verse is speaking of two changes in the life of a retiring, aging person. Opportunity for contributing to the work effort is slowly diminished, and the inability for being capable of hearing or for guiding the needs of his life's industry are halted.

Both of these areas become impacted by the aging process, the ability to adapt and adjust to the changes in lifes challenges, as well as, the ability to contribute to the needs of the day, both physically and mentally.

Just think for a minute, how intricate the ability to clearly hear is. At its peak we can at best differentiate between 15,000 varying tones, however, as the ear ages those number of tones may slowly become impaired, and many varying sounds become just a drone of sound.

Solomon is warning us of the many changes that naturally come in life, and he focuses our attention to the strength and stamina, as well as the ability to stay focused on those matters important to remember for the purpose of oversight in order to maintain important safety matters.

The writer isn't primarily focusing on those various parts of a persons life changes, but rather is striving for us to keep our various senses targeted on being conscious and attuned with God's purposes for the many avenues in life. It is so easy to become so intent on the daily mundane efforts of our day that we become deafened by these sounds and the interests that we fail to be attentive to God's interests in all of life, and to in fact, become outside of His very efforts.

He always has the greater interests at heart, rather than the less impacting issues that can easily as mere humans become our controlling interests. The illustration of moving the chairs on the deck of the sinking ship, rather than focusing on the repair and halting of water filling its hold, which will ultimately bring its sinking inevitable.

SO GO WITH GOD for He alone knows what the future holds, and what truly matters in life. Our focus can get confused, and misdirected so easily so that the soulish needs of mankind can be forgotten when the daily issues of life can easily become our primary concerns, and take our attention away from the eternal interests of life. He alone knows what the days ahead will require over what the potential concerns may become.

Rather than being fixated on the short term struggles of our day, we must keep our attention placed on the eternal course of our day. Rather than moving the chairs on the ships deck, keep the efforts directed to the hole in the bottom of its hold and the actions needed in its repair.


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