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You all shared your favorite selection of chocolate treats, from chocolate chip cookies to brownies. I noticed, no one admitted to not enjoying some sort of chocolate delight.

Well you are right for the name of the favorite 30's dance is the jitterbug. The U.S. military armed forces during World War 2 spread this dance throughout the world. It was usually enjoyed by the use of wide swings then to the ball room versions which were more limited in scope, usually while holding one or two hands.

Here's a new question. Which animal is found on the Porsche logo? A horse, Cheetah; Lion; or a Tiger?


Psalm 6:5,6 "For the dead do not remember you. Who can praise you from the grave? I am worn out from sobbing. All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears.

The Psalmist told us yesterday what the first reason for Yahweh's response to His children was, "because of (was evidence of) His unfailing love for his children". The next reason for Yahweh's deliverance was "in order that His children would continue to offer praises for His many blessings in their lives". Sadly death would silence His child from proclaiming Yahweh's deliverance in this earthly kingdom, however, this wouldn't halt his praises in eternity.

C. H. Spurgeon said this regarding tears, "They are liquid prayers that need no interpretation." This depth of insight must have been due to his life experiences.

David's defense for God's healing of his life, was due to the fact that death would be of no advantage, rather the loss of words of praise being silenced in this world. As long as he was alive, he could remember and proclaim praise to God and to man for His many good deeds.

David in verse six clarified the depth of his sadness, evidently this wasn't just a sad moment that he was speaking about, but rather an enduring sorrow. One that was all encompassing, that brought tears throughout the day and night. In other words, not just a passing thought, but one that dwelt throughout many nights and days.

This speaks of one of the reasons that when we gather as God's family, we naturally lift our voices in praise to God. If you remember when Paul and Silas were beaten and then placed in prison in stocks, their natural reaction was to sing praises to God for His death in order to give them forgiveness and eternal life. Imagine what must have ventured through the minds and hearts of the other prisoners in that jail that night. Do you think this had any influence in their future thoughts and actions? I imagine it did, don't you?

Then upon the earthquake and the doors being broken open; What did they say to family members upon their release? This in itself must have been some of the reasons for the spreading of the news of salvation to the people under the influence of Roman rule. Do you think that this brought to life some of the joys of salvation to these common men?

SO GO WITH GOD for His praises are new every morning. Though life brings through times of struggle, His goodness and blessing seep out through these times of challenge, and bring warmth, blessing, and renewal in the coming days. Oh, my dear ones, look to Him for comfort and blessing, for He will certainly flow these blessings over our lives those works of wonder and reward. Be sure to speak of these times to others, for this work is the primary reason for our walking on this earth.

Lindsay Winterton


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