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Happy Thursday, my special friends, we are moving towards the end of the week. If you remember yesterday I asked you what was the first remote control invented used to accomplish? Well believe it or not the right answer was the powering of a toy boat.

In 1898, Nikola Tesla demonstrated this use of radio wave technology at the Madison Square Garden in an above ground pool for an electrical exhibition, with his toy boat. This demonstration sparked the use of this technology for the world to begin powering many inventions even up to the present. Today we see, Drones, warehouse equipment, industrial production, medical surgeries, space experimentation, etc., etc., etc. all using this technology.

Today's Challenge:

Ecclesiastes 10:9 "When you work in a quarry, stones might fall and crush you. When you chop wood, there is danger with each stroke of your ax."

Now remember that Solomon is guiding us to consider the many ironies of life, yesterday we saw some illusive uses of mans efforts, such as digging a pit to trap people and animals, and the illegal activity of moving property lines.

Today we are being guided to recognize the dangers of even legitimate activities, mining for resources in the earth, and chopping wood for heating. Both of these normal activities can involve danger without the careful planning of these efforts.

Tomorrow, the writer will focus our attention on these very physical efforts and the proper use of them. Then onto the matter of proper use in similar tips, which will reduce the effort needed to achieve the greatest, most safe impact, as well as the least tiring techniques. He also reminds us of some simple ways to save time and effort.

As a young man I learned some of these very same principles. The importance of sharpening our ax, when splitting wood to heat the house, and then sharpening the hoe before removing weeds from the field, which reduced the extent of effort needed in this important duty. Later on I learned the value of stopping to sharpening the chain on the chain saw, before continuing to remove a tree, changing oil in the car before making a long trip and the fuel savings that this practice brought. I was astounded at the savings in gas by this one practice.

In college when assigned to clear the winters snow and ice accumulation from the side walk, two of us young college men began shoveling the snow, while the wise elderly man (60's) took time to sharpen his shovel. By the first block of removal we looked up and saw just how the elderly man was at the corner and we two young men had only completed a half block. We were then amazed with the proper choice of sharpening the shovel at the beginning of the task.

In the same way, we should all recognize the importance of preparing our lives work with the proper maintenance of our spiritual walk. When we take time to go before "The Father" and seek His guidance before diving into our duties, we will save much frustration and extensive effort.

Dwight L. Moody wisely spoke to us of this truth. "All through the scriptures you will find that when believing prayer went up to God, the answer came down."

"These two instruments of grace must be applied in the right proportion. If we read the Word and don't pray, we may become puffed up with knowledge, ... If we pray without reading the Word, we will be ignorant of the mind and will of God."

SO GO WITH GOD for He will protect us from the frustration of expending excessive effort with useless achievements. My dear one take the time each day to sharpen your lives (read, meditate, sharpen your mind, and then pray for cleansing of your life), then you will be amazed at the great amount of progress He will accomplish through your sharpened, maintained life.

Lindsay Winterton
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