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When growing up this word was used to describe someone who was getting all excited and becoming a little crazy. This word though has become a word rarely used by our younger generation of people, so I thought I would ask what you described it as speaking of. You all agreed with my experience of its use. A talkative person.

The dictionary speaks of a person who is frivolous, or flighty, and lacks seriousness. Believe it or not it was first used in a 1605 play by Shakespeare speaking of someone who babbles or gossip's.

Also you were right about the number of red roses grown for Valentine's day. It was 250 million roses. Can you believe that? Wow!!


Ecclesiastes 12:1 "Don't let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor Him in your youth before you grow old and say, Life is not pleasant anymore."

The Hebrew rabbis tell us that Solomon wrote the Song of Solomon as a young man, then Proverbs as a middle-aged man, then Ecclesiastes as an elderly man. If that is so then we see why he warned us of setting the course of our life based on God's proper place in our life. For He (God) alone knows the best life long pattern to put in place in our lives. He knows just what our life patterns will bring impact too.

Now here he warns us to act decisively early in our lives for those paths will affect our life long impacts. God desires for us to be richly fulfilled throughout our lives. The investments that we place early in life will directly affect the things that we will accomplish in the long run.

He knew that when we have all of the joys of life before us it is easy to become tricked by those fun, thrilling events rather than thinking about the serious matters that lay before us. Rather, living obediently in God's ways and lending guidance to our children for their future, rather than enjoying the fun things of life, with little emphasis on the eternal.

He is reminding us to be cautious of getting caught up in the daily struggles, pleasures, and interests of our world and then forgetting to pay careful attention to the important issues of life, our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

SO GO WITH GOD for He will keep the course of our lives directed on the truly important issues of life and protect us from forgetting the vital truths of His Word. In other words don't be flibertigiberty. Ha! but rather keep your focus on course for those things which truly matter.

brenda x
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