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Well due to the lack of response I assume that you had no interest in "Which animal had the longest lifespan." But just in case you are the Greenland Shark was the longest living shark. It is also called the "sleeper shark" Believe it or not this slow moving shark, lives up to 400 years. It is found mostly in the cold waters of the Artic & the North Atlantic. Even though they live long lives they are rarely seen by humans, even divers & fishermen rarely encounter them. They are the oceans vacuum cleaners, feeding on mostly deceased sea life.

Tuesday 5/16

Prov. 30:22 "A slave who becomes a king, and overbearing fool who prospers."

The slave becoming king...

This tendency of the lowly servant becoming a king is rare and due to that, if this should happen, they generally become arrogant & over bearing in this new gain of power. The result of this is rather than seeking to lead with others in mind, they begin to become self-important, and intolerable. This results in harm to everyone, themself & others under their authority. Of course should the new ruler recognize his fortune & seek to bring benefit to those they lead, then the opposite favor would reign.

This other response, the slave becoming a humble, wise leader is possible, but they wouldn't result in harm, so the comparison was what would cause harm to the earth, proud arrogant leaders. We don't have to look very far to see the harm that this sort of leadership results in. You probably could think of a few such cases. While we were traveling in the Ozarks we saw some such homes that were not cared for by their families & resulted in beautiful grand farm homes declining into sad, broken, barely standing structures.

An over bearing fool with great wealth...

The overbearing fool rather than finding good use for his wealth and attempting to pass on his success for the benefit of all others, in his sphere of influence, is overbearing.

In our travels we witnessed the opposite of this. John Morris after experiencing great success in his Bass Pro Shop endeavor began developing businesses in the Ozarks that made available two beautiful locations where common people could hike through the beautiful Ozark panaorama. It is called "The top of the rock", an area where anyone could ride through the breath taking mountains beauty, with caves, springs, with numerous bird feeders, and many places to view the surrounding beauty.

Here a man began by selling fishing gear from the trunk of his car, then succeeded in this business & then as a result began to make available the beauty of the surrounding hills for all to enjoy.

The inadvertent truth that wisdom sought to pass on, was that living in the opposite way, becoming humble & caring for all who arrive in his life, the overwhelming benefit. Even the earth is benefited, with the constructive efforts of those who experience prosperity.

Yesterday we saw the benefit of people putting to work their knowledge & experience to build a series of dams to control the water and guide it to constructive end, Today, the person who experienced success using his results to bring blessing to others who shared in his success.

So Go With God for in this same way our Father, the creator, promises blessing when we follow His leadership in our life. Ultimately, when we walk in His ways our lives are filled with so much blessing, that it flows over into the lives of all those around us. To the extent that they also follow Him so they enjoy His blessings. In the same way as my entire family have been obedient to Him, they have enjoyed His presence in their lives.

For a musical enrichment, Listen to the song, Blest be the tie that binds.

Lindsay Winterton
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