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Well it's Friday, yeah. In answer to the question I ask; Which king reigned for the longest time over Israel. Here is the run down; Zechariah only reigned 6 yes that right 6months; while Joash reigned 16 years; then Jehu reigned 28 years; Jeroboam II reigned 41 years, his length of reign was contributed to two qualities, his military capabilities & his productivity in fine oil & barley. He was one of the few kings of Israel who was personally productive and this brought longevity to his reign. He raised crops & traded his oils to provide for his livelihood, he was one on of the few kings who was self sufficient & didn't need taxation to provide for his needs.

On the lighter side! What do you call an 90 year old cheerleader? Yeah you got it; Old yeller. Or on the other side, a living sensation.

Friday 5/19

Prov. 30:26 "Hydraxes- they aren't powerful, but they make their homes among the rocks."

Wisdom points out the second small but wise creature, the Hydrax. His contemporary name is more well known as the rock badger.

He points out the quality of resourcefulness, for though the badger is only able to run a short distance, as well as, has no quality which would render him able to defend himself out in the open. He is the size of a squirrel here in North America, and they live in groups of 10-80, they hunt together and have sentry's who protect their hunting endeavors. They eat broad leafed plants & insects. They live among rocks & creavices for protection.

Once we understand these facts about the badger, we come to a better understanding of being directed to this interesting creature. This points out hisw wisdom in his choice of living quarters, and selection of diet, for he can live without water for an extended time due to his diet. This keeps him from needing to go unprotected in search of water.

I brought up Jereboam II in our introduction for this reason, he was one of the few kings of Israel who was resourceful in both his war efforts & in providing for his necessary needs. He was well known for choosing the location of his war endeavors, by using rough terrain in order to make horses & chariots useless, and large numbers of archers, due to this choice of terrain.

He didn't take pride in powerful numbers of soldiers lined up, etc. He used rocks, trees, arid terrain, etc. in order to make powerful armies ineffective in his wars. He selected the war scene where he was aware of water sources, and hidden provisions for his men, therefore, with a small number of men he could defeat large powerful armies. His length of reign was the result of his resourceful endeavores.

So also, wisdom points out these very qualities in God's creative genius. Animals who are resourceful relating to their limits & strength.,

In the same way we are to gain our strength from the source of our strength. 1 Cor. 10:1 "I don't want you to forget, dear brothers ... our ancestors in the wilderness long ago ... were guided by a cloud that moved ahead of them ... walked through the sea on dry ground ... they traveled with ... the rock who was Christ."

So Go With God for He will lead us and provide for us through his many provisions & our resourcefulness, as we lean on Him. Rest on Him my dear ones, and He will provide for your needs.

Lindsay Winterton
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May 19, 2023




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