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Saturday. 10/22

Well, here are some facts about squirrels that you may not know. 25% of nuts that they hide before moving it to their nest gets stolen by other animals. The term squirrel comes from the Greek word meaning “shadow tail”. To hunt for squirrels by yourself is almost impossible as they know just how to circle the tree to avoid being seen.

Prov. 24:10,11 “If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small. Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they struggle to their death.”

This warning; points out two things:

1) The test of a persons character is proven by how they handle pressure; whether

giving up or persevering

2) The second test of character is how easily an observing person gives into the unjust treatment of others; without even a word or with any actions of defense

In our world today, compassion is misconstrued, the temptation to intervene when those we love are under pressure, rather than give counsel, or assistance. This is thought to be of the greatest value. However, words of instruction & encouragement are the greatest form of assistance for those under pressure. Why? Because it aids the person in working through the troubles they face; to learn just how it is possible for them to overcome these & other trials.

We also look about us and see people using their authority to misuse the power they have been given. Silence is the greatest assistance we can give to corruption. As integrity has been devalued in our age, slowly corruption has moved in to bring harm to those who are defenseless. New students to the college scene

Young children who are entering the world about them, school, etc.

Teens beginning their entrance into the adult world

Immigrants whose dreams are being abused by evil people, etc.

I am encouraged by the number of people beginning to stand up for the innocent victims of our day. Whether, from abuse of the legal system, or violence of those evil people running rampant in harming others, or greedy corporations. Our Heavenly Father sets the course for respect, honor, and compassion in a society. Right now all about us are people who are taking advantage of the inexperienced guileless people who are coming into their own. We are to encourage, support, instruct, and challenge them.

Look around you at the many experienced warriors fighting for the survival of those around them, and just like them we must take up the words of defense “The Bible”. Begin equipping others about us, with the words of truth.

So Go With God stand firm, in the power of His might. He will never fail you, He will give you wisdom & authority in this evil day.



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