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Good morning my friends I am writing this post from Phoenix airport, no trivia today,sorry about that.


Psalm 1:6 "For the Lord watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction."

This verse is again guiding us to the very same two outlooks.

First are those who walk in our Lords

ways and His care for those children.

Psa. 37:18 "The Lord takes care of

the innocent" the word

used here for innocent is speaking

of those who are following in His

ways. Several other verses giving

insight into Nah. 1:7, John 10:14,

2 Tim. 2:19, take time to read and

Meditate on these verses.

Second we see his second warning is directing our attention to what the consequences are for those folks who rebel against God and His ways of blessings in their lives. This refusal to walk in His ways brings frustration & hopelessness.

SO GO WITH GOD and His promise to us is that our lives will be filled with hope, meaning, and purpose. What a contrast we see in this verse. Drifting aimlessly and potential harm or purposeful living surrounded

by a loving Father who only

wishes blessing, progress, and full of fulfilling events in our lives. Oh

my child take the time to walk in His ways and you will experience the blessing of His ways.

Lindsay Winterton


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