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Good morning it’s Tuesday and the beginning of a new week. By the way; Do you remember what candy Elliott used to lure ET with.? Was it M & Ms or Twizzlers or Milky Way’s or Reese’s Pieces? Make your guess. The result was a 65% increase in sales of this candy within just a few weeks of the movies debut. Oh well as the saying goes; “That was a sweet deal.” Haha

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 21:22 “A wise man scales the city of the mighty. And brings down the trusted stronghold.“

Through this passage Solomon reminds us that trusting in strength, or power is always going to be a mistake. For Our All Wise Father will always have the right way to go through life.

We are reminded of this is lesson by reading 2 Sam. 5:6-9 where David was faced by the Jebusites who were mocking Israel’s army. They had built strong, tall walls and then stood on top of the walls and laughed at Israel.

David then went to God in prayer for wisdom, and the Lord gave him instructions to divert the river which fed water into the city center. So they diverted enough of the water so that the army could swim through the tunnel and then during the night climb out of the spring. They then attack the army and captured the city.

Solomon was reminding them that they should never fear strength & power over wisdom from God.

Several other instances in the Bible remind us of this very same lesson. Abraham, Lot, and many other saints remind of the benefit of wisdom coming to us from God.

So God With God His wisdom will always win over the most formidable, strong, brute power.

Lindsay Winterton
30. 8. 2022

I vote for Reeses Pieces!

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